Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Finally! TodaysMeet Now Offers Chat Moderation for Teachers

Yesterday, I shared the news that TodaysMeet now offers the option to create accounts and close TodaysMeet discussions early. Today, TodaysMeet added the option to moderate comments in a discussion.

To moderate comments in your TodaysMeet room simply place your cursor over the lower-right corner of the box in which an inappropriate comment was written. When place your cursor over that corner a "delete" link will appear. Click delete and the comment is gone.

Applications for Education
The ability to moderate comments has long been the feature that teachers have wanted to see in TodaysMeet. The moderation feature along with the new options for creating accounts and closing discussions early make TodaysMeet a better option than ever for hosting classroom backchannel discussions.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have used TodaysMeet to provide my students with a place to ask questions throughout the day. By using a backchannel tool like TodaysMeet my students who have a lot to say don't dominate the classroom conversation. At the same time my shy students are given a place to comfortably ask questions.

ClassDojo Adds Support for Sharing Classes and Sharing Student Reports

ClassDojo, the popular student behavior recording service, has added two frequently requested features. The first new feature allows teachers can to share classes with each other. This allows lets multiple teachers record information about students in the same class. Being able to share classes will be great for teachers who have assistants working with students.

The second new feature allows teachers to share reports with other teachers or school administrators. Teachers in the same school can share students across different classes and view their student reports. Individual students can now move between different teachers and classes, but still build on their progress over time. In other words, you can keep the records moving from year to year. Launches an iOS App for Learning a Language on the Go is a free service that is designed to help its users learn a new language while browsing the web. The service initially launched as a Chrome app then added an Android app. Now is available as an iOS app.

The iOS app creates flashcard activities based on the words that you select from a dictionary or from articles that you read through app. To get started select the language that you're studying ('s iOS app supports English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Hebrew) then enter words by typing them or pasting them into your account. After entering your words creates flashcards with pictures. The app will read the words to you. After studying your flashcards you can use the app to search for web articles that utilize the words you're learning.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Clarisketch - Take a Picture, Talk, and Draw

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Clarisketch is a free Android app that has great potential for classroom use. The app allows you to take a picture or pull one from your device's camera roll then add your voice to it. While you are talking about your picture you can draw on it to highlight sections of it. Completed projects are shared as links to the video file hosted on Clarisketch. You can share the link to your Clarisketch video and have it play on nearly any device that has a web browser. See my sample here.

Applications for Education
Clarisketch could be a great app for teachers to use to create short tutorials. Students could use the app to create short stories about their pictures. You could also have students use Clarisketch to explain things like how to solve a math problem or the significance of a place featured on a map.

A Visual History of the Last 100 Years

Earlier this month I declared that Made From History is a must-bookmark for history teachers. Today, the Made From History team published another fine example of why history teachers and students should bookmark their site.

A Graphic History of the Last 100 Years provides an good summary of major political and military themes of the last one hundred years. The page begins with WWI and concludes with Arab Spring. Along the way the graphics cover WWII, the Cold War, Vietnam, Civil Rights Movement, the Iranian Revolution, the Gulf War, and 9/11. As the name implies, A Graphic History of the Last 100 Years is heavy on visual aids like graphs and timelines to accompany pictures and text.
Screenshot of part of A Graphic History of the Last 100 Years
Applications for Education
A Graphic History of the Last 100 Years doesn't cover every important event and theme of the last 100 years, but it does provide a good overview. The content is shared in a manner that makes it accessible to most students. The graphics, particularly the graphs and timelines, could be helpful in prompting questions from students.


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