Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How to Compare Maps Side-by-Side in GE Teach

Last week I wrote a post in which I featured using GE Teach to compare maps side-by-side. GE Teach can be a powerful tool when you dive into the features hidden within it. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to access and use the features of GE Teach.

How to Create Historical Facebook Profiles With Google Drawings

Creating a fake Facebook profile for a character in a book or of a famous person in history could be a good way to get students interested in writing about that person. Doing that on is a violation of Facebook's terms of service, but there are ways to create fake Facebook profiles without using One of those ways is to use Derrick Waddell's Facebook template for historical figures. The template is a Google Drawings template. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to use the template.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How to Mix Privacy Settings on Google Calendar - And a Handful of Other Google Calendar Tutorials

This afternoon I facilitated a short workshop on using Google Calendar in school settings. One of the things that I shared in that workshop was the idea of putting lesson outlines in calendar events then making the calendar public so that parents could see what was happening in your classroom. Someone in that workshop raised the question of what to do if there is a calendar event that you don't want to make public. The answer to that is to mark specific events as private events within a public calendar. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to do that.

The following tutorials can help you get the most out of using Google Calendar.

A Short Guide to Creating and Sharing Google Calendars - The basics

How to Add Attachments to Google Calendar Events

How to Embed a Google Calendar Into Your Blogger Blog

How to Create Google Calendar Event Reminders

How to Create Appointment Slots in Google Apps Calendars

Valentine's Day Science and Statistics

With Valentine's Day coming up this weekend it's a good time looking for at science and statistics related to the day. The following video from It's Okay To Be Smart (produced by PBS Digital Studios) explains why humans kiss, the history of symbols associated with kissing, and some cultural views of kissing. When I saw this video I immediately thought of my friend Jeni who teaches high school health.

The following fun video, also from It's Okay to Smart, attempts to use math to determine the odds of a 25 year old woman finding love in New York. (Remember, the video is just for fun).

Search Facebook for Tools Reviewed on Free Technology for Teachers

I'm not sure if this feature is new or I was just slow to notice it, but this week I noticed that you can now search the Free Technology for Teachers Facebook page for my older Facebook posts. More than 400,000 people are now following that page. The search function on the Free Technology for Teachers Facebook page works much like the one in this blog. You can enter a broad term like "math" to find posts related to that topic or you can be more specific to find a particular type of tool by entering a term like "flipped classroom."
Click to view in full size.


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