Sunday, February 3, 2008

Free Technology For Teachers: TED Talks- Presentations from Scholars

TED is an organization dedicated to Technology, Entertainment, and Design. TED hosts a global conference every year on these topics and more. The best lectures and presentations for the conference are hosted on the TED website. There are currently over 200 talks on You may remember David Pogue's medley about media on the Internet that I posted on Thursday. I have embedded a TED talk about trade versus aid in Africa.

Applications for Educators
The TED talks are appropriate for math, science, and social studies courses. Share with your high school students what the best and most famous minds have to say about today's most important global issues. makes it easy to find talks appropriate for your classes with an easy to navigate themes section on the homepage.

Celestia- Space Exploration Simulations

Celestia is a free space exploration simulation program. Celestia is a free download that works on Mac, PC, and Linux systems. The advantage of Celestia over other satellite imagery programs is that in addition to seeing the Earth's surface, students can zoom in on moons, stars, and planets. The user controls what they see. Operating the program is easy enough to be used by students as young as six or seven. The user guides for Celestia are very thorough and available in four languages.

Application for Educators
Celestia is easy enough for young students to operate, but at the same time offers enough advanced features to engage high school students. Celestia is a great tool for showing basic through advanced physic concepts. Teaching the concept of gravity to young students is simple and interactive with Celestia. There is a companion website to Celestia called The Celestia Motherlode that features educational activities that teachers can use. You can see The Celestia Motherlode b
y clicking the image below.