Friday, February 8, 2008

Free Technology For Teachers: Cheap Wireless Printing

This really has nothing to do with teaching other than every teacher I know is always flat-broke two days before payday. If you have been wanting a wireless printer this weekend is the time to get one.

Circuit City is offering an amazing deal on a wireless printer. For $29.95 (after rebate) you can get a Lexmark color ink jet wireless printer. It's the one pictured to the left.
I read about this great deal on CNET. Read the CNET review of the printer here.
Hurry, the offer expires tomorrow. Click the printer image to see the deal on Circuit City's website.

(I have absolutely no affiliation with CNET or Circuit City, but I do have an affiliation with being broke).

Free Technology For Teachers: Educational Games for Kids- ChildTopia

ChildTopia is full of learning activities and games for children. Most of the games are geared toward the K-3 crowd, but a few of the games I looked at today are suitable for slightly older elementary students. What I really like about the games and activities on ChildTopia is that they are very intuitive games and activities. Of the twelve games I tried today, not one of them would require the aid of a teacher for students to get started playing. How quickly and easily a teacher can get an entire class started with a web application is a critical component of how effective the application will be as an instructional tool and learning experience. ChildTopia advertises that they have over 1400 games and activities available. I'll take their word for it.

Free Technology For Teachers: Skitch- Show Students Programs Don't Tell Them Directions

Skitch is a new screen capture program that makes it very easy to show people what you're doing and seeing on your computer. Like Jing, Skitch gives you tools to draw and write on your screen captures. You can upload your screen captures to other websites or send them to others via email or instant messaging.

Applications for Educators
Skitch is an easy way to show students directions for using computer applications. Rather than describing a step in a program you can show them the step.

Free Technology For Teachers: World Statistics in Real Time

Worldometers is a new website reporting world statistics in real time. Worldometers is edited by leading experts on a variety of topics related to development and demographics. The list of agencies worldometers draws from is very extensive and impressive. Visit the worldometers sources page to see the entire list.

Stop The is a companion website to Stop The Hunger provides real time statistics about world hunger and poverty statistics.

Applications for Educators and Stop The are useful for quickly finding development data. An interesting lesson using Stop the Hunger and Worldometers would be to have students track patterns in development statistics over a period of hours or days to see how fast some statistics like national debt or world population change. The links to the sources page is a good reference for further investigation.

Free Technology For Teachers: Learn French Through PodCast Lessons

Earlier today I posted a website for learning Spanish with PodCasts. It's only fair that I share a couple of resources for French PodCasts. French For Beginners is exactly what the name says, French for beginners. Daily French Pod has a new French lesson every day. The daily French PodCast lessons vary in difficulty every day.

Free Technology For Teachers: SpanishPod Learn Spanish Through PodCasts

Spanish Pod offers sixty-five free PodCasts to help students learn Spanish. The PodCasts range from very basic lessons "Hola" to very advanced conversation and grammar lessons. You don't need an Ipod or MP3 player to hear the PodCasts. Read my post from last month about listening to PodCasts to learn more about accessing PodCasts.