Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Many Voices for Darfur

Many Voices for Darfur is a project designed to raise awareness of the situation in Darfur. Many Voices for Darfur wants to share as many student voices as possible about the situation in Darfur. On March 6, 2008 Many Voices for Darfur would like to have students around the world share their voice about Darfur on the Many Voices for Darfur Blog. Students can share through writing or video.

Application for Educators
This project was started by two teachers in Maryland and Florida. The Many Voices for Darfur blog and wiki provide teachers with prompts to use to get students started. The wiki has many useful resources related to Darfur.

This project is a great example of how technology is making learning a global experience for today's students.

Here's an example of student work on the Many Voices for Darfur project.

Free Technology For Teachers: Class Connection

The Class Connection is a website for student collaboration. High School and college students can share notes from class, create multi media flashcards, email, and share calendars using Class Connection. Teachers or students can establish study groups on Class Connection. Class Connection says that high school students are the fastest growing segment of their user base.

Application for Educators
Class Connection is good tool for encouraging students to work collaboratively. As a teacher you can establish groups for your classe
s as well as post your syllabus and lecture outlines.

Here is a screen shot of what a Class Connection account homepage looks like.

Free Technology For Teachers: Communiversity - Students Share and Learn About Colleges

Communiversity is a website on which students and their parents can find information about the colleges they're considering attending. Communiversity is similar to theU which I reviewed in January (click here to read about theU). Communiversity is a user content generated site on which current students can share information about their college. Communiversity is an avenue through which prospective students can get "inside" information about a college.

Free Technology For Teachers: Book Talks With Authors on Title Page TV is a new website featuring discussions with authors in a round table format. Each episode is about one hour long. is definitely targeting an audience that is interested in the writing process and discussion of current, popular fiction.

Here is a short promotional video from

Application for Educators could be a good resource for teachers of advanced placement writing and literature courses. The discussions on give the audience a good look at an author's influences and writing process.