Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Free Technology For Teachers: Something New Is Coming

I'm working on a new web adventure. Stay tuned for the unveiling at the end of the month. If you would like a sneak preview, contact me via email at

I received notice today that I along with a few of my students will be presenting at the MLTI Student Tech Team Conference at the University of Maine on May 30. I hope to meet many of the readers of the blog there.

Free Technology For Teachers: What 2 Learn - Educational Games

What2Learn is a website offering more than one thousand educational games for middle school and high school age students. What2Learn is a European based website so some of the games, particularly the math games where money is expressed as Euros and Pounds, may not be appropriate for US students. Aside from that most game are appropriate for use with US students.

Applications for Educators
Teachers and students can create accounts on What2Learn to track their progress as they go. The teacher account is good way to see how your students are doing. Teachers can create their own games or modify games to fit the needs of their curriculum.

Free Technology For Teachers: Letting Students Take Risks

In this TED Talk, Gever Tulley, gives an entertaining and thought provoking talk about letting kids do "dangerous" things. Tulley makes the argument that taking risks helps kids learn about themselves and the world around them. The talk is only nine minutes long, but Tulley packs a lot into those nine minutes.

Free Technology For Teachers: Chemistry Videos

Mr. Kent's Chemistry page is a website designed for chemistry students. In fact, if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see the assignments for his courses. Mr. Kent's Chemistry page has pages of information related to high school chemistry. There are six pages of videos demonstrating typical high school chemistry experiments. In the section of the website called the Chemistry Movie Attic there are many videos explaining chemistry concepts. The chemistry homework help forum links users to an online chemistry tutorial page. Mr. Kent's Chemistry page is very comprehensive as it provides many fantastic resources for high school chemistry students and teachers.

Here is a video of a chemistry experiment shown on Mr. Kent's Chemistry page.

Nitric Acid Acts Upon A Copper Penny Experiment - video powered by Metacafe

Free Technology For Teachers: Academic Use for YouTube

On YouTube there is a channel called AtGoogleTalks. AtGoogleTalks hosts interviews and talks from notable authors, news makers, and politicians. The author talks are quite engaging as the authors speak about the writing of their book. Some of the author talks include readings from the author.

Here is an AtGoogleTalks video featuring Tom Brokaw discussing his career and his book The Greatest Generation.

Applications for Educators
AtGoogleTalks provides videos useful for sharing information about writing with high school students. The videos give great insight into the writing of popular books both fiction and non-fiction.