Saturday, March 22, 2008

Guys Read - Getting Boys to Read

Getting boys to read is one of biggest challenges facing elementary teachers and literacy teachers. Guys Read is a website designed to promote reading among boys in all grades. Guys Read has book lists, short stories, and free classroom visuals to promote reading among boys. The website has a graphic design that appeals to male students.

Application for Educators
Guys Read provides free classroom visuals for teachers. The website provides recommendations that students can read to help them find a book that will meet their interests. The Guys Read Anthology is a nice collection of stories that will appeal to a male audience.

Free Technology For Teachers: Google Custom Search Engine

Google's list of great resources for teachers keeps growing, the latest application that teachers will find useful is the Custom Search Engine. I might be a little behind the curve on mentioning Google's Custom Search Engine, but I can't be too far behind as the application is still in Beta. The Google Custom Search Engine allows you to specify the websites that will be used in a search. Your Custom Search can be placed on your blog or website.

Here is a short video about setting up a Google Custom Search Engine.

Applications for Educators
The Google Custom Search Engine is a great application for teachers. By specifying the websites that are returned in the search results you can ensure that the results your students see are safe and relevant. Installing a Google Custom Search Engine into your blog or website is a simple matter of copying and pasting a few lines of code. If you user Blogger or Google Pages it is even easier, just add a new element.

Free Technology For Teachers: Learn English Kids - Games for ESL

Learn English Kids is a project sponsored by the British Council. Learn English is designed to help young ESL students. Students can visit the website to play educational games, listen and read along with short stories, or listen to and sing along with English songs. Learn English Kids also has a number of activities designed to help students practice writing in English.

Applications for Educators
Learn English Kids has many activities that students can do individually which is great for differentiated instruction. Learn English Kids also has a long list of activities and lessons that teachers can do with a whole class. The teacher section of Learn English Kids has some articles and reports that will be of interest to ESL teachers.