Monday, June 16, 2008

Lunch Box Project - Students Sharing Lunch Globally

The Lunch Box Project is a wiki that was started by an elementary school teacher, Jess Meyer. The idea behind The Lunch Box Project is to have primary grade (K-3) students connect to learn about different languages and cultures. Students and teachers can contribute to the wiki by answering some simple questions about where they are and what they are having for lunch.

Here is a slide show introduction to The Lunch Box Project.

Applications for Education
The Lunch Box Project is a simple and easy way to introduce students to different cultures, languages, and the use of wikis. While The Lunch Box Project is designed for primary school students, the concept would work for older students too. Right now there are pages from Australia, China, and Turkey. I'm sure the addition of pages from other countries would be appreciated.

Free Math Videos is an education blog that I started following recently. Currently, KVTeacher is posting a series of five minute math videos designed to help students become more proficient at making calculations without a calculator. The videos are available on, YouTube, and

Here is one of the free math videos has posted right now.

Applications for Education
While some of the strategies presented in the videos on KVTeacher don't present anything new, they do present the strategies in ways that might appeal to students. As summer approaches and your students and students' parents look for educational materials for summer learning, the math strategy videos on KVTeacher might be a good place for them to start.

Free eBooks at Planet eBook

Planet eBook is a free service where teachers and students can find classic literature titles available as free downloads. Planet eBook adds new titles at regular intervals. Subscribe to the Planet eBook blog or newsletter to keep track of the latest additions to the collection. For browsing purposes, Planet eBook offers previews of titles through the Issuu pdf publishing service. Using the previews students can get an overview of a title without committing to downloading the entire ebook.

Applications for Education
I'm always preaching the cost-saving benefits of open source software and the same concept applies to free ebooks. Free ebook downloads can save school districts money when compared to the cost of buying novels. If you or your school is concerned about changing to a completely ebook based system, try phasing in ebooks as old novels and textbooks get worn out by students.