Friday, September 12, 2008

Interactive Anatomy and Physiology Tutorials

While looking for some general biology interactive websites I stumbled across a couple of sites that look like they could be very useful for students taking anatomy and physiology (the toughest course I took in university) or an advanced biology course. The Medical University of South Carolina's website is where I found links to more than one hundred tutorials about a wide variety of health problems and medical procedures. All of the tutorials found on the MUSC website are provided by Medline Plus.

Get Body Smart has number of tutorials and quizzes divided into eight categories of anatomy and physiology. Each category is divided into subcategories where visitors will find quizzes for each topic.

Applications for Education
Both of the websites mentioned above could be useful study tools for students taking a human anatomy course or an advanced biology course.
I wish these tutorials had been available when I was slogging through a semester of Human Anatomy and Physiology.

Animated Thematic Maps

Thanks to Tom Barrett for sharing this great resource on Twitter. Maps of War has a collection of seven animated maps based on the themes of war, religion, and politics. Click here to see the History of Religions map. You can embed these maps into a blog or website, but I found that my blog loaded very slowly when I tried it earlier. Maps of War also has an extensive library of maps from third parties like the BBC and the New York Times. Many of the maps contained in the library are interactive learning tools.

Applications for Education
Maps of War's animated maps are a great visual aid for students. The timeline that accompanies each map make the maps a great resource for showing changes over time. As the maps change the timelines change accordingly.

Take Education on the Road

Target Brands is offering 5,000 field trip grants. Grants are available for up to $800. Applications for these grants are being accepted now through November 1st. Field trip budgets are often one of the first things to be cut when school districts face budget cuts. This is a great opportunity to take your students on a field trip without affecting your school's budget. You can learn more about the Target Field Trip Grants here. Apply for a grant here.

For the record, I do not have any affiliation with Target, I'm just passing along a great opportunity.