Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Spanish Lessons for the Youngest of Students

We are Little Amigos is a blog that Spanish teachers may want to explore. On We are Little Amigos visitors will find some podcasts designed to help young students learn Spanish. The current series of podcasts has Maribel Suardy reading children's stories. The stories include songs with Spanish lyrics. The blog entries corresponding to each podcast contain key Spanish words and their English translations.

Applications for Education
The free podcasts from We are Little Amigos are a good resource for introducing Spanish to young students. The podcasts are of a short enough length that they could successfully expose students to a valuable lesson without being so long that students lose focus before the episode is completed.

New Podcast - Branching Out

In this episode I share my ideas about using social networking services to expand my professional learning. You will also hear find out why I include many people from outside of the education sector in my professional learning network.

You can listen to the podcast using the player below or using the widget embedded on the right side of the blog.

Here are the social networking services mentioned in the podcast.





Classroom 2.0

If you enjoyed this podcast or previous episodes, the player embedded in the right hand column of this blog can also be embedded in your blog. To embed my podcast in your blog or website click on the "get this widget" link immediately below the player.

Free Webs - Build and Host a Website for Free

Free Webs is another free website building and hosting service that teachers may want to consider when choosing a website platform. Free Webs offers many of the same functions that Weebly and Web Node offer. Free Webs has all of the characteristics that you would expect to find in a free website platform. Websites built using Free Webs can include videos, calendars, polls, and a wide variety of third party widgets. Free Webs offers a wide variety templates and layouts to select from. For people with a higher level of comfort with technology, Free Webs might be a little too basic for your needs. In that case you may want to consider Snap Pages.

Applications for Education
Free Webs could be a great platform for a teacher just starting to build a website for his/her classroom. Free Webs is also a good option for elementary or middle school students creating a website for the first time.