Monday, November 17, 2008

The Wild Classroom - Science Videos and Podcasts

The Wild Classroom is a website that I found through Untamed Science. The Wild Classroom features a collection of podcasts and videos for science classrooms. One aspect of The Wild Classroom that impressed me was the Biomes of the World Map. The Biomes of the World map allows students to explore the map and watch an informational video about each biome.

Here is a sample video about sharks from The Wild Classroom.

Applications for Education
The Wild Classroom could be a fun and informative place for students to explore biology concepts. The lesson plan section of The Wild Classroom is sparse right now, therefore The Wild Classroom is seeking contributions from teachers.

Math A Tube - Video Math Help

Math A Tube is a video website that I included in my list of 20+ Educational Alternatives to YouTube. Math A Tube is a compilation of videos from a variety of users and other websites. Videos are categorized by mathematics topics and sub-topics. The videos demonstrate everything from basic addition through Geometry. The videos on Math A Tube are user-generated so some videos are better than others.

Applications for Education
Videos from Math A Tube could be a great addition to a math teacher's class website or blog. These videos may provide help to students when they're not in your classroom. The videos could also be useful in presenting information to your students in a manner that you may not have previously tried.

Finding and Teaching With Historical Maps

This morning, as I was looking for some maps to use in one of my classes I found two great resources that should be of interest to history and geography teachers. The Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas at Austin features a collection of hundreds of links to historical maps from around the world. There are twelve categories of maps in the collection. With that many maps there is bound to be something for every history and geography teacher.

The other great map resource that I found today comes from The Newberry Library in Chicago. The Newberry Library has a couple of great plans for using historical maps in the classroom. Historical Maps in the Classroom has lesson plans suitable for use in Kindergarten through the twelfth grade as well as a selection of lessons for use at the collegiate level.

Applications for Education
Historical maps have a number of uses in history and geography classrooms. One way to use historical maps in a World History class is to have students look at an old map, pick out countries that no longer exist and then have students find out why those countries no longer exist. Last year I did this as part of lesson on the Cold War in which students studied the break-up of the Soviet Union.

The College Credit Crunch

In today's CNN Student News video there is a segment about how the current economic situation in the United States is affecting colleges and their students. If you don't want to watch the whole video, the segment about the credit crunch is in the middle of the video.

(If you're viewing this in an RSS reader, you may need to visit the blog directly to watch the video).

Applications for Education
Economics can be a tough topic to teach to high school students. However, if you can make an economics lesson relevant to a student's life, then economics becomes easier to teach. This video segment should hit home with more than a few high school students going to college in the next couple of years.

Here are a few other resources for teaching economics:
Kid's Economic Glossary
FDR and the Banking System (a video explanation of the US banking system)
Biz Ed - Economic Lesson Plans and Simulations

Geography Awareness Week - Geographers on the Job

Last week I posted some resources for teachers about Geography Awareness Week. Now that Geography Awareness Week is here, the Google Earth Blog has posted some good KMZ files to use in your classroom. The one that I particularly like is Geographers on the Job.

Applications for Education
Geographers on the Job is full of placemarks that explain the types of work done by Geographers. This Google Earth tour is a great way for students to see the many uses of geography beyond the traditional jobs of cartography, surveying, and teaching.

If you're looking for additional lesson resources for Geography Awareness Week, check out My Wonderful World, Geography Action, and the Google Earth Blog.