Saturday, November 29, 2008

Show World - Change the World One Map At a Time

Show World is an interactive mapping website that takes demographic and economic data sets and creates a map based on the data. I've seen this done with Google Earth and Google Maps before, but Show World is slightly different. Each time you select a different data set, the size of each country increases or decreases in comparison to other countries. For example, if you select the data set about steel production, the size of China is huge relative to African countries. On the other hand, if you select the data set for students not in school, the African countries swell while China decreases in size.

World Mapper is a similar website that I reviewed about six weeks ago.

Applications for Education
Show World is a great way for students to visually interpret data sets. Having students explore the data sets and watch the size of the countries change could be a good discussion starting activity. Exploring the data sets on Show World could also be the starting point for research about the economic and social conditions of countries around the world.

A New Resource Depot

If you take a look at the left hand column on this blog you will notice a few changes. There are three changes that I think will make Free Technology for Teachers a better resource for visitors. First, all of the links that were in huge lists in the side columns have been condensed. All of the resources that were listed and more are still available, I have moved them onto a wiki which you will see by clicking on "dozens of more resources" at the top of each list.

The second change is a new category of resources dedicated to educational alternatives to YouTube. There are more than 30 links in this list.

The third change is relatively minor. Instead of having resource lists in both side-bars now all of the resource lists are in the left hand column.

I hope these changes are effective in helping teachers find free resources that they can use in the classroom. Please visit the new Free Technology for Teachers wiki to see all of the lists.