Friday, August 7, 2009

NWF - Nature Event Finder and Observation Reports

The National Wildlife Federation wants to see people get outside. To that end, they have a couple of web elements to encourage people to get outside. The Nature Event Finder is a search engine for finding outdoor activities, nature museums, and other nature-related events near you. To use the Nature Event Finder simply enter your zip code and select the type of activity or event for which you're looking. The results of your search are displayed on a Google Map.

The Wildlife Watch is the NWF's place for people to share their observations of nature in their local area. You can search for observations by clicking on the observation map. You can read the observations of others or submit your own.

Applications for Education
The Nature Event Finder could be a good resource for finding nature-based field trip destinations for a science class. The Wildlife Watch could be a good source of short nature stories for your students to read. You could also use the Wildlife Watch as a model for creating your own wildlife watch in your classroom.


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