Monday, January 12, 2009

Win a Wireless Classroom

Fred Delventhal posted a reminder today for the CDWG Wireless Lab Sweepstakes. I was unaware of the sweepstakes until Fred posted it today. You can enter the contest every day. If you need a reminder, Fred Delventhal has posted on his blog a video demonstrating how to create a reminder for yourself in Firefox. You can see the video here and read all of contest information here.

Congress Joins YouTube

Last month I posted a link to Tweet Congress which is a resource for finding members of Congress that have Twitter accounts. I'm happy to see that today, some members of Congress are taking another step into social media via YouTube.

Today, YouTube announced the creation of Senate Hub and House Hub. These are YouTube channels hosting videos of your Senators and Representatives talking directly to their constituents. Senate Hub and House Hub will also include videos of your Senators and Representatives at work in committees, giving floor speeches, and some behind-the-scenes videos from Washington. To find out if your Senator or Representative is posting content on YouTube, click on your state on the Google Map found at the top of the Senate Hub and House Hub pages.

Here is the video introduction to Senate Hub and House Hub.

Applications for Education
House Hub and Senate Hub have great potential for students to hear and see their Senators and Representatives in action. If your Senator or Representative isn't on YouTube, you may want to have your students write letters or emails to that person to convince him or her to start posting content on YouTube.

Bush's Eight Years in Office - Audio Slideshow

The BBC brings us another great resource for teaching current events and modern history. Today, I found the BBC's audio slideshow of George W. Bush's eight years in office. I'm not able to embed the slideshow, but you can view it by clicking on the image below which is linked to the BBC's website.

Applications for Education
Middle school and elementary school students will probably have little memory of the items mentioned from the beginning of Bush's time in office. That could be the stimulus for a short research assignment about events of the last eight years.