Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cramberry - Studying Made Easy with Flashcards

Cramberry is a free flashcard creation service. Just as with similar services you have to input the items you wish to appear on your flashcards. Cramberry flashcard sets can be shared with other users. One feature that make Cramberry different from other flashcard services is Cramberry tracks which cards you answer correctly or incorrectly. This feature allows students to eliminate cards they know and focus on the ones they don't know.

Here are some other free flashcard services to consider along with Cramberry.
Study Stack

Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job

Today's episode of CNN Student News (embedded below) features a segment about high school and college students that are getting haircuts in the hopes of improving their chances of landing a job. This episode reminded me of a couple of other resources for students to consider before applying for a job or applying to college.

Sacha Chua writes a great blog that often contains tips for Generation Y job seekers. Sacha has produced a great slideshow about how social media can influence your work and workplace. Sacha also posted today, a list of great tips for networking at conferences. The tips she listed could easily be applied to a job fair setting.

Lindsey Pollak is the author of Getting from College to Career. Pollack writes a blog that offers job search and interview tips for college students. She also writes for ABC News on Campus where your students can find articles like 10 Easy Ways to Fid a Job During Winter Break.

Aplications for Education
In today's tough job market any little detail could be the difference between getting a job and not getting a job. If you're a high school teacher or guidance counselor advising students in job or college interview preparation, the resources mentioned above are worth sharing with your stuents.

Visible Body - 3D Human Anatomy

The Visible Body is a fantastic, free, program that allows your students to virtually explore all systems of the human body. I first learned about the Visible Body through Kevin Jarrett's blog, he used the program with a 4th grade class, but the Visible Body could just as well be used in a high school setting. In fact, the reason that I thought about the Visible Body today is that a science teacher in my school mentioned that she has used it with her anatomy students.

To use the Visible Body you need to install the Unity Web Player for Mac or PC. Once installed you can explore all of the systems of the body. The Visible Body allows students to view bones, muscles, and organs from various perspectives and see how the parts of the body work together as a system.

Applications for Education
As I mentioned above, the Visible Body can be used my students in elementary school through high school. The Visible Body could be used by students individually or as a group activity. The imagery and explanations found on the Visible Body are far better than those found in most public school textbooks.

Update: Kevin Jarrett reminds us in the comments that if you're going to use Visible Body with younger students be aware that Visible Body is 100% anatomically correct. In that case it's probably best to use Visible Body as a teacher-directed exercise and not a individualized activity.