Thursday, January 29, 2009

Newseum - Today's Front Pages Mapped

I view hundreds of websites and links to websites everyday so when a site grabs my attention and sucks me in like Newseum's Today's Front Pages did today, I have no choice but to share it with all of you. Newseum's Today's Front Pages application is a series of nine maps that display the current front page of major newspapers around the world. Little orange colored dots on each map correspond to the publishing location of each newspaper. Placing your mouse pointer on one of the dots generates a preview of that newspaper's current front page. Click on the preview and you can read that front page or click through to the newspaper's website. The screenshot below is of the US Newseum map.

Thanks to Cairnsco on Twitter for the link to Newseum.

Applications for Education
Newseum's Today's Front Page is a fun tool for students to use as to search and explore news stories from around the world. Not all of the newspapers revealed on Newseum's maps are printed in English. This makes Newseum's Today's Front Page not only a good resource for Social Studies teachers, but also foreign language teachers.

Here are a couple of other resources for finding and teaching about current news stories.
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Economic Education Resources from the IMF

The International Monetary Fund has some good resources that can help you help your students gain an understanding of global economics. On the IMF education page you can find resources for middle school students and high school students. One of the middle school resources I like is a game called Where in the World & What in the World is Money? For high school students Monetary Mania is a game in which students can test their knowledge of economic theories. Beyond the games, teachers will find complete sets of lesson plans for teaching lesson economics to middle school and high school students.

If you're in need of a good visual representation of the World's economic outlook, check out the IMF's Data Mapper. The IMF Data Mapper allows you to see the current, past, and predicted distribution of wealth around the world. Use the slider tabs on the IMF Data Mapper to change the map's display.

Applications for Education
The IMF's games for students are fun tools for students to play and test their knowledge after you've conducted an economics lesson. The Data Mapper provides students with an excellent view of the distribution of wealth around the world.

Here are some other economics lesson plan resources you may want to check out.
Understanding the Financial Crisis - Say it Visually
Saving Money in Plain English
Economics for Elementary School Through High School