Thursday, March 19, 2009

UberNote - A Great Replacement for Google Notebook

UberNote has one of the best arrays of online note-taking tools that I've seen in a free application. UberNote gives users the ability to take notes from the web through a browser extension, take screenshots of websites, take notes through Twitter, take notes via email, take notes in AIM, or take notes using a cell phone.

The UberNote Firefox Toolbar allows you to highlight sections of text on the web and clip it to your UberNote notebook. If clipping text is not enough for you, you can take a screenshot of a website using the UberNote toolbar. Sometimes clipping text or taking a screenshot is more than you need, in which case you can simply bookmark a website using the UberNote toolbar. You can see a screenshot of the UberNote toolbar below.

I spend a lot of time on Twitter where I often see good links and get ideas while Tweeting with others. Using UberNote I can send note through Twitter to my UberNote notebook. AIM users can also send notes to their UberNote notebooks through their AIM accounts.

For former Google Notebook users Ubernote has an option for importing the contents of your Google Notebook to your UberNote account.

A video overview of UberNote is embedded below.

Applications for Applications
UberNote can be used for all of the same things that you used to do with Google Notebook. UberNote could be a good tool for students to use as they conduct research on the Internet to keep track of their sources. UberNote might also be used as a platform sharing notes and outlines between students.

Slide Magnet - Make Your Presentations Magnetic

We've probably all sat through a tortuously long and boring presentation featuring someone reading from bullet points on a slide. Two years ago I watched a very well paid consultant not only read from slides, but read from slides that were out of order. Don't let the next bad presenter be you or your students, visit Slide Magnet. Slide Magnet is a website full of free advice to help make your slide presentations more effective and make you a better presenter. Slide Magnet has a feature called the Deck of the Day which is chosen as an exemplar for good slideshow design. Today's Slide Magnet Deck of the Day is embedded below.

Applications for Education
Slide Magnet is a good resource for high school and college students to consult before giving a live presentation. The advice offered by Slide Magnet is clear and practical advice that everyone can put into practice. Slide Magnet even offers advice on how to dress for different types of presentations.

Sounds of the Opera in 1907

Last month The New York Times ran an article on their website about the reopening of wax records recorded at a Paris opera house in 1907 and in 1912. These recordings have recently been converted to digital format and are now released on CD. The New York Times has two sample recordings that you can listen to here. The article gives a brief description of the decisions made and the process used to get these recordings on to CD. The article also portrays how these wax recordings were "high tech" at the time and how the recordings have been preserved.

Applications for Education
I saw this article posted on the Open Culture blog a few weeks ago and I was just reminded of it after talking to one of the music teachers in my school. In his music survey course he has students write research papers about the development of music through time. I mentioned this article and the recordings to him and he seems to think that it could be of use to his students.

DocMazy - Document and Slideshow Search Engine

DocMazy is a search engine for documents, slideshows, and spreadsheets. Unlike a typical search engine, a DocMazy search does not return websites, it returns only documents (most in pdf format) slideshows, and spreadsheets. You can see the results of my search for "learning styles" here. DocMazy provides a preview of each document in a pop-up window that allows you to see the entire document without having to download it. If you want to download a document, DocMazy provides a link for that.

Applications for Education
DocMazy could be a good research tool for students. While students will still have to be able to discern reliable resources from unreliable, DocMazy does cut down on the number of results that may be of a non-academic nature.

Here are a couple of related resources that may be of interest to you:

Update: As of this morning DocMazy seems to be offline as it is returning a 404 message. Hopefully, this is only temporary. I'll update again when it comes back online. Thanks for the heads-up Skip.

Update: DocMazy is back online and functioning properly.

Teachers Get 25% Discount at Borders This Weekend

Looking for something to do Friday evening? Head down to your local Borders bookstore for a "special reception" to kick off educator appreciation week at Borders. From March 19th through the 25th Borders is giving current and retired teachers a 25% discount on just about everything in stock. Click here to read all of the details.

Clarification: The discounts do start today, however, the reception is Friday evening, not Thursday evening. The wording of my original post may have caused some confusion over that point. I apologize for the confusion I may have caused.