Thursday, April 23, 2009

American History in Video

American History in Video provides more than 400 hours of documentary and news videos on American History. In the future American History in Video will provide more than 2000 hours of video.

The content on American History in Video can be searched by historical era, event, person, and places. American History in Video features documentary-style videos and videos of old newsreels and news broadcasts.

American History in Video offers users the option to create a clip of a video. The clipping option could be particularly useful when dealing with long videos that you may not want to show in entirety to your students. All of the videos on American History in Video can be embedded into a blog or website.

Applications for Education
American History in Videos could be a very good resource for anyone that teaches US History. The option of creating video clips allows teachers to maximize classroom time by showing only a specific segment of a video rather than showing the whole video.

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This Collection is No Longer Free.

Wikipedia - Beneath the Surface

Like it or hate it, Wikipedia is the first place that many students go when given a topic to research. Wikipedia can be a good starting place for students when they don't know much about the topic that they have to research. Wikipedia's labeling system makes it easier than ever to identify articles that may have inaccuracies and or biases.

Unfortunately, some teachers, like the one at this David Warlick keynote, dismiss Wikipedia and do not allow students to use it at all. For those people that do not understand how Wikipedia works, this video from North Carolina State University Libraries gives a very good explanation in under six minutes. Wikipedia: Beneath the Surface explains the term "wiki" and how content is added to and altered on Wikipedia. The video is subtitled.

Another great explanation of wikis comes from Common Craft. The subtitled Dot-Sub version of Wikis in Plain English is embedded below.

Thanks to Instructify for sharing Wikipedia: Beneath the Surface.

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Debt Ski - A Personal Finance Game

Debt Ski is a fun game (if you enjoyed late 80's - early 90's video games) for learning about personal finance. The object of the game is to accumulate as much savings and as little debt as possible. Players choose one of three lifestyle objectives "thrifty," "average," or "big spender." After choosing an objective players have to, in a Mario Brothers-style, accumulate coins and necessities while avoiding unexpected expenses.

Webware provided a good analysis of the game earlier today.

Applications for Education
Debt Ski is a fun way for students to learn the basics of personal finance. The game is likely to keep students engaged for a long periods of time. I played the game a few times then had to force myself to stop before I really got sucked in to playing for hours. The game was designed by MTV Networks and is appropriate for use in middle school, high school, and college settings.

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Three Getting Started Guides for Google Docs

This morning Google announced the completion and publication of three new "getting started" guides for the Google Docs suite of tools. These new guides are designed to help new Google Docs users get started with spreadsheets, presentations, and documents.

These new Google Docs guides could be useful when introducing students and or colleagues to the benefits of cloud computing.

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