Monday, May 25, 2009

MyPicsMap - View Flickr Images on a Map

My Pics Map is a mashup of Flickr and Google Maps. My Pics Map allows you to quickly display your own Flickr collection on a map. You can also view on a map the Flickr collections of other users simply by entering their user names. If you don't have any Flickr images your own or you don't know of any Flickr users whose collections you'd like to view, simply click on explore and zoom in on an area to view images for that area.

Applications for Education
My Pics Map could be used by students to discover images related to cities, countries, and regions that they're studying. Students that go field trips and overseas study tours can use My Pics Map to share and provide geographic context of their pictures.

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Writing Den - Writing Tips

The Writing Den is a good little reference website for student writers. The Writing Den offers students a word of the day, tips on grammar rules, and tips on sentence and paragraph construction. For teachers the Writing Den offers seven ideas for using the resources on Writing Den in their classrooms.

Applications for Education
The Writing Den has a definite web 1.0 feel, yet still offers some good tips that can be used by students and teachers.

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Remarkable Images of Protest

As I've mentioned in the past, Environmental Graffiti is an excellent place to find photo essays to share in an Environmental Science classroom. Today, Environmental Graffiti posted a photo essay that could be a great discussion starter in a social studies classroom. Remarkable Images of Activism from the Last Fifty Years features photographs, with captions, of protests from Tienanmen Square, protests of the 1999 WTO Conference in Seattle, and Anti Iraq War protests.

Applications for Education
This collection of images could be used as conversation starters when introducing the events pictured. The collection could also be used to start discussions about protests in general.

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Planet Science - Science Games and Lesson Plans

Planet Science, produced by the NESTA, provides students from pre-K through middle school with online games and activities for learning about science. Planet Science also offers teachers lesson plans that include the use of online and offline resources. Parents looking for activities to get their children excited about learning science should the parents section of Planet Science.

The Battle for Planet Science is one of the featured games on Planet Science. Battle for Planet Science requires students to use their knowledge of a variety of science concepts in order to succeed in the game. Prior to playing Battle for Planet Science you may want to have students review by trying the quizzes in the science news quiz archive.

Applications for Education
Planet Science has something for most science students and teachers. The activities, games, and lesson plans are appropriate for use in grades K-8.

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Examville - Practice the SAT Online

Examville is an online resource for preparing for standardized tests and for studying specific content areas. Examville features full-length practice tests of the SAT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT. The tests are timed. Test takers receive their scores as soon as they finish the test.

Examville also gives users the opportunity to create study groups to study online with the help of classmates and teachers. Teachers and students can use the study guides uploaded to the site by others or upload their own study guides for others to use.

Below is a short video introduction to Examville.

Introduction to Examville from Examville on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
Examville is geared toward use by high school and college students preparing for standardized tests. The practice SAT is probably the most valuable resource for high school students using the site.

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