Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Free Google Apps for Education Webinar on June 25

Google Apps are the often the first words out of my mouth when someone asks where to start on the road to technology integration. In fact, that's the reason why Google Docs was listed first in Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration. If you haven't tried Google Apps yet (I just talked to someone today who hadn't heard of it), you may want attend this free live webinar about Google Apps for education. In the webinar, as announced by Google, attendees will learn how Google Apps for education can save schools money and make students' live easier. The webinar is next Thursday, June 25 at 1pm EST.

Here's a video introduction to Google Apps for Education.

Download a Dinosaur

Download a Dinosaur applies the concepts of paper dolls and origami to dinosaurs. Download a Dinosaur offers sixteen printable templates for creating paper models of dinosaurs. Print the templates on generic copier paper and have students color the models before assembling the dinosaur.

Applications for Education
Download a Dinosaur could be a good resource for pre-K and early elementary school teachers. If you're looking to incorporate a writing element into your dinosaur lesson, have students write a short story about the dinosaurs they've created from the templates.

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Build a Pyramid

Pyramid Builder is an interactive portion of the BBC's Ancient History Egyptians feature. Pyramid Builder asks students to select a location for their pyramid and design a pyramid. After selecting the location and design, students need to plan the construction of the pyramid. The planning phase requires orientating the pyramid, selecting construction materials, and building a labor force.

Pyramid Builder is part of a much larger feature about Ancient Egypt. Some of the other highlights of the Ancient Egypt feature are a history of the pyramids, a timeline of Egyptian history, and the Mummy Makers game.

Applications for Education
Pyramid Builder and the BBC's Ancient Egyptian History feature in general are excellent resources for World History students to explore. The Pyramid Builder and the Mummy Maker could both be used as informal assessment tools after students have read about and researched these topics.

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Twitter Search in Plain English from Common Craft

Here is another great production from Common Craft. Twitter Search in Plain English reviews what Twitter is and what Twitter search (and real-time search in general) can offer you that static searches cannot.

On a related note, Common Craft is hosting a meet-up at NECC later this month. I plan to attend and hope to see many of you there too. You can get the details about the meet-up here.

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