Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ten by Ten - Visual Links to the World News

Ten by Ten is a unique program that links images with news stories. Every hour the top 100 news stories from around the world are linked to images on a ten by ten grid. The stories are ranked. Clicking on an image will provide you with more information including links to more articles about the story. (You must allow pop-ups for the article links to work).

Application for Education
Ten by Ten could be used as a way for students to find information about news stories they've heard about. Ten by Ten's photographs may spark interest in a story that students may not have heard anything about. In other words, Ten by Ten can expose students to a larger world. I have used Ten by Ten as conversation starter with my classes. I gave students time to explore the images and stories then had the students share what they discovered.

My Studiyo - Create Quizzes for Your Blog or Website

I'm away on my annual "school's out for summer" fishing trip. A few of the blog posts this week will take a look back at some resources that I wrote about in the early days of this blog before it had much of a following. I'll be back online on Wednesday evening at which time I'll be moderating comments.

MyStudiyo is an easy way to make a multimedia quiz for your website or blog. With MyStudiyo you can include video, audio, and image file in your quiz. Each question in your quiz can have a different media format. There are two options for answer format, multiple choice or open-ended response. Quizzes are easy to create and easy to embed into a website or blog.

Below is a simple two-question quiz I made using My Studiyo.

Applications for Education
MyStudiyo quizzes are completely customizable.
MyStudiyo quizzes are useful for any content area or grade level. You write the questions and the answer choices therefore the content and difficulty of a quiz is up to you to determine. The ability to integrate multimedia clues in your quiz helps to address the needs of a variety of learning styles.