Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June's Most Popular Content

Every month Free Technology for Teachers continues to grow in reach thanks to all of you that subscribe, read, Tweet, re-Tweet, comment, and share. According to the number of item clicks, the following are the ten most popular items from the month of June.

1. Sparkle Box - Thousands of Free Things for Teachers
2. Typing Web - Free Typing Lessons
3. Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration
4. More Wordle Ideas
5. YUDU - Publish Your PDFs as Online Magazines
6. Jeopardy PowerPoint Game Template
7. 30+ Alternatives to YouTube
8. 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the College Classroom
9. Five Ways to Visually Explore Wikipedia
10. Lexipedia - Webbed Word Connections

Whyzz - Helps Parents Answer "Why" Questions

Whyzz is a website designed for the parents of three to eight year old children that are going through the "why" phase. Whyzz gives clear simple answers to the "why"questions like "why is the sky blue?" that children ask frequently. Parents can access the information on the site in two ways. The most direct way to find something on Whyzz is to type a "why" question in the "tell me" search bar at the top of every page. You can also browse the through topics in ten different categories. Click on a topic and you'll find a list of commonly asked "why" questions and their answers.

Applications for Education
Whyzz is a good site not only for parents, but also teachers and childcare providers who have to answer "why" questions from children.

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Quick Video Reflections on NECC 2009

This morning after a breakfast hosted by I recorded a short video with some of my thoughts about NECC 2009. Toward the end of the video I share a cute little story about some students here at NECC 2009. The video is embedded below in Viddler form so please feel free to add your comments to the video stream. I apologize for the low visual and audio quality but I had to record it that way because of the spotty Internet connection here at NECC.

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