Wednesday, July 1, 2009

PodSafe Audio - Sounds for Podcasts

Creating podcasts and videos can be a great way to get students excited about school projects. But one of the common concerns that teachers have is locating music that can be used without violating copyright. PodSafe Audio, which I learned about in a session here at NECC 2009, could be a good place to locate and download free music for multimedia presentations. PodSafe Audio is a community of musicians who create music and share it for the purpose of fair-use in podcasts.

Applications for Education
In the opinion of my students this year, one of the most exciting projects was creating music videos about US Presidents. The only complaint they had was not having enough music choices. PodSafe Audio is a resource that I'll will access next year if I do the same type of project.

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Talking Blogging and PLNs With SchoolTube

This is another of the videos that I was filmed for here at NECC 2009. In this video I was interviewed by SchoolTube about blogging, PLNs, and my experience at NECC.

Question Most Commonly Asked of Me at NECC

This is the last morning of NECC 2009. Since Saturday the one question that I've been most frequently asked is, "how are you finding so many things to blog about?" In the video below, filmed in the NECC Blogger's Cafe, I give the answer that I've been giving most frequently.

Here are the three real-time search engines mentioned in the video:

Project Look Sharp - Media Literacy Curriculum

Project Look Sharp, created as part of an initiative sponsored by Ithaca College, is a collection of ten comprehensive curriculum units for teaching media literacy. Eight of the units are geared toward to middle school and high school use. Two of the units are designed for elementary school use. With in each unit there are three to five comprehensive lesson plans. The lessons include videos, slideshows, worksheets, and teacher guides. To work through each lesson plan will take at least two days. Some of the topics that this curriculum units address include Presidential campaigns, use of media in the former Soviet Union, and endangered species.

Applications for Education
Project Look Sharp could be used in social studies, media arts, and science courses. For example the curriculum for endangered species could easily overlap between science and social studies.