Saturday, August 8, 2009

Calculation Nation - Math Games for K-12

Calculation Nation is a mathematics game site offering games for most K-12 students. Calculation Nation offers students the opportunity to practice their mathematics skills individually or in a head-to-head format playing against other students. For parents and teachers, Calculation Nation offers PDF suggestions for using Calculation Nation.

Calculation Nation is a part of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' Illuminations project. The Illuminations project provides standards-based lessons and activities for mathematics teachers.

Applications for Education
Calculation Nation could be a good way for students to practice their mathematics skills individually before testing themselves against other in a head-to-head game.

College Crunch - Resources for College Planning

College Crunch claims to be "the best college resource online ever." I don't know if it's the best ever, but it is good. College Crunch features college reviews, college profiles, tips for navigating the logistics of college financing, and career planning advice. The career planning advice includes lists of salaries by career.

Applications for Education
College Crunch could be a good resource for students that are planning to go college or have questions about applying to college. The advice offered by College Crunch is fairly generic, but it should make a good resource for students that represent the first generation of their families to go to college.

Another college planning resource worth exploring is My College Calendar.

Mudd Math Fun Facts

The math department of Harvey Mudd College has a website full of fun math facts. Mudd Math Fun Facts has an easy to search database of math facts designed to stimulate thought and make students look at mathematics in a different light. Each fun fact is accompanied by a problem, diagram, and short explanation of a fun mathematics concept.

Applications for Education
Mudd Math Fun Facts is designed for use with introductory college math courses, but it could also be a great website for some high school mathematics classes. The math fun facts can be used to expose college-bound students to some higher order mathematics concepts and spark some curiosity about mathematics. If you have a class website or blog you can link to Mudd Math Fun Facts and provide students with a fun fact of the day that they can explore on their own.

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