Sunday, August 23, 2009

Afghanistan Revealed - National Geographic Film

Last Friday I posted a link to a narrated Google Earth tour of Afghanistan. That tour included a brief history of Afghanistan prior to 2001, but was primarily focused on Afghanistan post September 11, 2001. Afghanistan Revealed was produced by National Geographic in 2001. The film explores the history of Afghanistan and the struggles of civilians against the Taliban. You can find the video embedded below or you can "snag" it from Snag Films.

Applications for Education
Afghanistan Revealed and the narrated Google Earth tour of Afghanistan are good resources for anyone that is teaching global current events right now as these resources may help students understand the recent election in Afghanistan.

Training Share and The World Is Open

The World Is Open is an excellent book that I've mentioned in a couple of recent blog post. Friday evening I exchanged emails with the author of The World Is Open, Curtis Bonk. He told me about Training Share which is his website where you can find numerous resources about open education. Prior to the release of The World Is Open, Professor Bonk co-wrote Empowering Online Learning which contains more than 100 activities related to online learning for reading, reflecting, displaying, and doing. All of the resources for Empowering Online Learning can be found on Training Share. To don't need to read the book to benefit from the resource links, but it certainly would help.

I'm roughly 100 pages through The World Is Open and I've thus far found it well written and thought provoking. One of the great things about the book is that you don't have to be "a techy-type" to understand or benefit from the book. In fact, it may be just the book to give to the school administrator in your life that you're trying to convince that open access to the web is a necessary part of education today. If you'd like to read a short "Cliffs Notes" version of the book, read this 20 item list created by Curtis Bonk.

Finding Your Voice In the Edublogger Community

In this video I explain the three roles that people can play in the edublogging community. A lot of new bloggers struggle to find a voice in the edublogging community. If you can identify a voice or role for yourself in the edublogging community, you should be able to better focus the diretion of your blogging efforts.