Monday, September 7, 2009

Video - The History of Labor Day

Today is Labor Day in the United States. For many teachers and students this is the last day of Summer Vacation. These videos from (assembled as one video by a YouTube user ATUlocal689) trace the history of Labor Day in the US.

Clean Up the Classroom - Tips for Fighting Germs

Clean Up the Classroom is a website created by Clorox for the purpose of helping teachers educate students about fighting the spread of germs in their classrooms. On Clean Up the Classroom teachers will find lesson plans and games for educating students about preventing the spread of germs. Teachers will also find classroom posters and letters that can be sent home with students.

Thanks to Michael for the tip about Clean Up The Classroom sent via email.

Applications for Education
Although they don't state it, Clean Up the Classroom's lesson plans and games are probably best utilized in elementary school and middle school classrooms.

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This We Know - Government Data About Your Town

This We Know is a search engine for US Government data about your community. To find data about your community simply enter your community's name or enter your community's zip code. This We Know draws its data from Some of the data that you will find include the number of factories in a community, rate of violent crime, and demographics.

Applications for Education
This We Know could be the starting place for a student research project comparing communities. Students can compare communities and then present a case, based on the data, for which community they would most like to live in.

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Chart Go - Quickly Create Charts and Graphs

Chart Go is a free service that allows users to quickly and easily create pie charts, area charts, bar graphs, and line graphs. Chart Go does not require any registration to use the service. To create your chart just select the chart style and chart dimensions. Then enter your y-axis and z-axis data. Chart Go generates your chart based on your specifications and data input. When your chart is done, you can save a copy to your computer or share it via a unique url assigned by Chart Go. My sample chart is pictured below. In my sample I did not include a title or a key, but those options are available.

Applications for Education
Chart Go could be a good tool for students to use when they need to make charts for presentations.

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By App - A Simple Task Management Tool

By App is a simple task management tool that assigns users their own unique subdomain. Through By App you can create a list of tasks for yourself and organize the list by semantic day (tomorrow, next week) or by date. If your priorities shift, you can reorganize your list with the simple drag and drop interface. By App is advertising a multiple user capacity, but it didn't seem to be functioning when I tried it.

Applications for Education
A lot of students struggle to organize and prioritize deadlines. By App is one tool that could help students organize and prioritize deadlines. You could also make your By App list public and link it to your classroom blog for students to check for approaching deadlines.

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