Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Updated - 7 Ways to Find Teachers on Twitter

Today on Twitter I noticed that a blog post I had written in March was being reTweeted by quite a few people. Well, I tracked down the source of that traffic and I give a big thank you to the amazing Vicki Davis for sharing my article, Seven Ways to Find Teachers on Twitter, with all of her followers and readers. Since I wrote that article in March a few things have changed so I created an updated slideshow version of the post. If you're a person who has tried Twitter but gave up on it, consider trying the tips in this slideshow and see if you're Twitter experience improves. If you're a teacher trying to convince administrators or other teachers to try Twitter, feel free to use and remix this slideshow to help your cause.

Software Cheat Sheets and Posters

I sent out a link to this on Twitter today and it was retweeted numerous times. Based on the Twitter response I thought it might be worth sharing on here too. Make Use Of has published a list of 14 Software Cheat Sheets and Posters. Covered in the list are Microsoft Office 2007, Firefox and Google Chrome use tips, Linux guides, Photoshop tips, and Twitter use tips.

Applications for Education
These cheat sheets and posters can be downloaded as PDFs and printed for use at home or at school. The posters could be very useful if they were displayed in your computer lab or in your classroom near your computer stations.

Campus Explorer - College Search and Advice

There is no shortage of college search and college planning websites on the Internet. One good college search website that I've recently learned about is Campus Explorer. Campus Explorer gives prospective students the option to search for colleges by location and or degree/program type. What makes Campus Explorer a potentially valuable resource for those searching for a college is the advice section attached to each college review. The advice appears to be genuine advice from real students. In addition to the advice section, where available, videos are attached to each college's review.

Applications for Education
Campus Explorer could be a good to resource lists for guidance counselors or anyone involved in helping students pick a college.

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CNN Student News - What's Appropriate Behavior?

Today's episode of CNN Student News concludes with a quick segment about the recent public outbursts by Kanye West, Serena Williams, and US Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina. The segment asks students to weigh-in with opinions about what is and is not appropriate public behavior. I think it's a great topic for discussion prior to taking a class on a field trip or to a school-wide assembly.
The episode is embedded below.

Flickr Galleries - Art Students Curate Collections

Through their blog, Flickr has announced a new feature they're simply calling "galleries." Using Flickr's galleries option, anyone can assemble a gallery of up to eighteen images. You can arrange galleries around a theme or idea and add your own commentary about the collection. Galleries can be made from images you've uploaded to Flickr or you can use public images found on Flickr.

Applications for Education
Flickr's new galleries option could be used by photography students to create galleries of their work with an explanation of the theme they were trying to capture in their images.

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Target Field Trip Grants - Field Trip Idea Generator

The good folks at Instructify reminded us yesterday that Target is once again awarding 5,000 $800 grants for school field trips. Applications for the grants are due by November 3, 2009. You can find all of the grant details and applications here.

On the grant application page you can find a Field Trip Idea Generator. To find an idea, enter your state, city, and subject area. The Field Trip Idea Generator will give you ideas based on what past grant recipients in your area have done with the grant money.

Applications for Education
Field trip budgets are often one of the first things to be cut when school districts face budget cuts. This is a great opportunity to take your students on a field trip without affecting your school's budget.

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