Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Myna - Free Online Audio Mixer

Apple's Garage Band is one of the few pieces of proprietary software to which I honestly couldn't offer a comparable web-based alternative. That could change very soon if Aviary's new Myna service continues to perform as well as it did in my short test drive this evening.

Myna is a free web-based audio track mixer created by Aviary. Using Myna you can mix together up to ten tracks to create your own audio files. The sounds you mix can come from the Myna library, your vocal recordings made with Myna's recorder, or audio tracks that you upload to your Myna account. The video embedded below provides a great overview of the many features offered by Myna.

Applications for Education
Myna could eliminate the need for installing any kind of audio mixing software on your school's computers. Myna is completely web-based which means your students can start a project on a school computer and finish it on their home computers.

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PLN Powered - Autism Education Resources

If this is your first time visiting Free Technology for Teachers, please note that I typically don't post just a list of resources. I made an exception to that rule in this case to demonstrate how useful having a PLN can be.

This morning I received a Tweet from someone in my PLN asking me if I knew of any good resources for teachers of students with Autism. Although I have stumbled across some resources on this topic in the past, I couldn't think of any right away (in part because I had a class starting in a matter of minutes). Rather than just saying something like, "I'll get back to you" I reTweeted the question to my 3400+ followers. As I should have expected, the responses came in fast and furious. Taking a clue from Deven Black who said, "do you think we showed the value of a PLN?" I decided to create this post.

Here is list of good resources for teachers of students with Autism. Everyone who contributed to this list is listed and linked to above the item(s) they suggested.

From Deven Black
Kodak Lesson Plans for Special Education
British Columbia Ministry of Education
National Association of Special Education Teachers - IEP Goals
Child Development Institute
Autism Society of America

From Liz Ditz
Teaching LD

From Autisable
Division TEACCH

From Gifted Kidsie
Teachernet, Autistic Spectrum

From Saroth681
Autism Speaks
LD Online

From RPaterson
Autism Outreach

3DVinci - Learn Geometry With Google SketchUp

3DVinci's SketchUp page has some very good resource for mathematics teachers, particularly Geometry teachers. 3DVinci presents a collection of mathematics projects that students can do using Google SketchUp. If you've never used SketchUp, don't worry. 3DVinci hosts video tutorials that will show you everything you need to know to get started using Google SketchUp to teach mathematics.

Thanks to Ken Shelton for sharing the link via Twitter. If you don't follow Ken, you should.

Applications for Education
Earlier today I was talking to a mathematics teacher in my school who was complaining that there "aren't any good technology resources for math teachers." 3DVinci's SketchUp projects is a good example of a resource that mathematics teachers can use to create engaging, technology infused lessons.

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Game Classroom - K-6 Math and Language Arts Games

Game Classroom is an educational games website catering to the K-6 market. Game Classroom offers mathematics games and language arts games. Games can be found by selecting a grade level and then a subject area. Both the mathematics and language arts categories are subdivided into specific focus areas. Some of the games are unique to Game Classroom and some are games that are used on other sites.

In addition to the games, Game Classroom offers a "homework help" section for each grade level and content area. In the homework help sections are sample problems and questions, how-to guides, links to other help websites, and links to games related to the help topic.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for games to use in your elementary school classroom, Game Classroom could be a good place to start your search.

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