Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Text and Wordles of Every Inaugural Address

Governing Dynamo has built a gallery containing the text of every US President's inaugural address(es). In addition to the text, the gallery includes a Wordle of every address and an image of the President who delivered that address. Finally, Governing Dynamo hosts a video overview of the Wordles in the gallery. The video contains audio clips of the addresses. You can view the video below.

Thanks to cbanka for sending me the link to this via Twitter.

Applications for Education
This gallery of inaugural addresses could be useful for anyone that teaches US History. You could have students evaluate the text and Wordles for reflection of the issues facing the United States when each President took office.

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Webinar With Steve Wozniak

Pass the Ball, a website developed by Cisco Webex, is hosting a webinar for teachers on Thursday, September 24. The webinar is being conducted by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. In the webinar Wozniak will discuss computer capabilities and bringing creativity to the classroom. You can register for the webinar here. I don't know how much experience Wozniak has in education, but it could be a good opportunity to hear from one of the leading minds in the world of technology.

Climate Change, Wildlife, Wildlands Lesson Plans

The United States Global Change Research Program has published a good series of lesson plans and learning activities about climate change, wildlife, and wildlands. Lesson plans and activities are available for eleven ecoregions. Click on a region, displayed on an interactive map, to locate lesson plans and activities. The lesson plans are available for download as PDFs. When you're on the resources page, make sure you also click on toolkit materials to find stand-alone, fun, educational activities. You should might also want to consider using the following video as an introduction to lessons on climate change, wildlife, and wildlands.

Applications for Education
The interactive map on the resources section of the US Global Change Research Program's website makes it easy to locate lesson plans and other activities that are geographically relevant to your classroom.

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Great Museums on Snag Films

Today, while browsing through Snag Films I came across a collection I hadn't previously noticed. Great Museums is a collection of twelve films that take you on tours of famous and interesting museums. Some of the museums included in the collection feature the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, The Museum of Modern Art, and the Baseball Hall of Fame. You can find the entire collection here.

Embedded below is the film about the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Applications for Education
This collection of documentary films won't replace an actual visit to one of the featured museums, but it could be good to give your students a taste of what each museum is about.

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Zoho Launches Discussion Board Service

On Sunday I posted that Zoho was poised to announce a new service this week. Today, Zoho announced the launch of Zoho Discussions. Zoho Discussions is a message board service that you can integrate into the rest of your account. Zoho Discussions allows you to create a message board or discussion forum. The free version of the service allows for the creation of two forums with one moderator. The video below provides a brief overview of Zoho Discussions.

Applications for Education
Zoho Discussions could be a good platform for creating an online discussion forum for your students. You might consider creating two forums, one for students to ask you questions and one for you to pose discussion questions for students to discuss.

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