Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Place Spotting - Challenging Geographic Riddles

Place Spotting is a website of geographic riddles. Place Spotting is based on the Google Earth platform. Place Spotting users can create their own geographic riddles or try to solve riddles created by others. The search feature on Place Spotting lets users search for riddles based on level of difficulty, language, region, or creation date.

Applications for Educators
Place Spotting is a fun way to teach or reinforce geography lessons. Riddle clues on Place Spotting can be given using relative or absolute locations. A teacher could write their own riddle giving clues based on information taught in class. While solving a riddle on Place Spotting students are learning how manipulate Google Maps.

Lumifi - Enlighten Your Research

Lumifi is a collaborative research tool. With Lumifi students and teachers can collaboratively share, evaluate, and organize information found online and off-line. What makes Lumifi different from other online collaboration tools is the ability to upload documents then extract only the relevant information to share with others. Often while researching a topic students only need part of a document or web page, Lumifi gives users the option to weed through peripherals and get right to the information they need.

Applications for Education
Lumifi is a good way to have students collaborate on research projects. Students can share in the research and analysis process together. Have your students invite you to be a collaborator in their project and you can monitor their progress through the research process.

Month in Review - September's Most Popular Items

September was a very busy month for Free Technology for Teachers. Thanks to all of you for your Tweets, emails, and social bookmarks that helped this blog reach new records for page views and subscribers this month. Thank you, you guys are awesome. As of this writing, Free Technology for Teachers has exceeded 100,000 page views this month and is closing in on a combined RSS and email subscriber count of 12,000.

Here are the ten most popular posts in the month of September.
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