Friday, October 2, 2009

Week In Review - The Most Popular Items

It's Friday afternoon and as I do every week, I've compiled a list of the seven most popular items of the last seven days.

Here are this week's most popular posts:
1. 32 Great Technology Integration Tips
2. Great Classroom Discussion Guidelines
3. Good Presentation Advice from Guy Kawasaki
4. Google Docs Adds Academic Features
5. Technology Integration - Myths and Opportunities
6. Hundreds of Math and Science Video Tutorials
7. Digital Storytelling In Plain English

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The New Glogster Edu Is Live

Glogster, a great multimedia collage building platform that I've written about in the past, has officially launched the live version of Glogster Edu. The new Glogster Edu eliminates all of the problems that teachers previously encountered when trying to use Glogster in the their classrooms. The new Glogster Edu is hosted separately from the commerical version of Glogster thereby eliminating links to Glogs (multimedia collages) containing questionable content hosted the commercial version of Glogster. Glogster Edu provides teachers with a virtual classroom space in which they can manage the accounts of up to 200 students. Glogster Edu has also partnered with VoiceThread to allow users to include VoiceThread content in their Glogs.

Applications for Education
Glogster Edu is a great platform for moving stale, 20th Century, poster projects into the 21st Century. Students can use content from the web to create informative collages about a wide range of topics. Students can also use Glogster to create a dynamic digital portfoli of the content that they've published to sites like SchoolTube and VoiceThread.

The Smithsonian Channel - Good Educational Videos

The Smithsonian Channel is a great collection of interesting and educational videos on a variety of topics. The collection is divided into seven primary categories including topics like History, America's War Stories, Pop Culture, Air and Space, and Nature.

Applications for Education
The bulk of the videos are under five minutes making them good resources for supplementing course lectures.

Great Story About a Teacher Making a Difference

Like all teachers, I love to hear a good story of a student recognizing the positive influence of his or her teacher(s). This morning on my way to school I listened to this story on NPR's "Story Corps" segment. Boy Lifts Book; Librarian Changes Boy's Life is a story told by Judge Olly Neal about his high school's librarian who went way out of her way to find books that he enjoyed reading. Listening to the story might be the best three minutes of your morning.

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CNN Student News - Distracted Driving Summit

I'm not sure which high school students love more, driving or text messaging. Either way, the two things definitely don't mix well. Today's episode of CNN Student News includes a segment about the US Department of Transportation's summit on distracted driving that was held earlier this week. In year's past some of my students have used the issue of "distracted driver" laws for their public policy research and debate projects. In each case, it was a very engaging topic for all of my students.
The video is embedded below.

The other highlights from today's episode are:
Geneva Talks Begin
Summary of natural disasters occuring around the world this week.
Announcement of finalists for hosting 2016 Olympics
When animals attack