Thursday, October 8, 2009

PBS Teachers Webinar Archives

On a fairly regular basis PBS Teachers hosts informative webinars for educators. These webinars focus on strategies and methods for using PBS resources in the classroom. Last night's webinar was about using the Ken Burns National Parks series to teach social studies and science concepts. I was not able to attend the webinar, but it, like other PBS webinars, will soon be available as a recorded video on the PBS Teachers Webinars Archive.

Applications for Education
If you're a fan of PBS programming and would like learn more about using PBS resources in your classroom, check out the PBS Teachers Webinars Archive. There is something in the archives for almost every teacher. And if there isn't something in the archives that catches your eye now, check out the list of future webinar offerings.

Teens Discussing Teen on Teen Violence

Today's episode of CNN Student News included an interesting segment about teen on teen violence that my Civics students passionately discussed. The segment focused on Eric Holder and Arne Duncan's trip to Chicago to talk with officials about teen violence. CNN Student News asked students to weigh-in with their comments on the topic. Since my students didn't have computer access today, we instead had an engaging classroom discussion in which my students talked about the causes of teen violence as well as prevention measures. A good resource on the topic that I didn't recall until after class is's Violence and Bullying prevention resources.

Interactive Timeline of the 08/09 Financial Crisis

Reuters has created an interactive timeline of the 2008/2009 financial crisis. The timeline begins in September 2008 and runs through today. Each element on the timeline links to a news article, image, or video about the financial crisis. You can browse the timeline as-is or narrow your viewing by selecting one of five topics; Living, Money, Reckoning, Rescue, or Work. Before exploring the timeline, I recommend viewing the introductory video.

Thanks to Jeffrey Hill for the link.

Applications for Education
The Reuters interactive timeline of the 2008/2009 financial crisis makes a nice companion to Say It Visually's video, Understanding the Financial Crisis.

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eGlossary - A Great Glossary of Mathematics Terms

Back when I was struggling through my high school mathematics courses, I always needed a glossary of mathematics terms. I used to tell my teachers that I needed a "mathematics to English" translation. Today, there are quite a few good "mathematics to English" glossaries online for students like me. One such resource is McGraw Hill's eGlossary.

The McGraw Hill Mathematics eGlossary provides written and verbal definitions and explanations of mathematics terms. The glossary is divided by grade level. Select your grade level then the first letter of the term for which you need an explanation. The explanation is offered in text form as well as verbal (click the speaker icon to listen). The eGlossary is also available in other languages including Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

Thanks to Ken Shelton for the link shared on Twitter.

Applications for Education
McGraw Hill's Mathematics eGlossary could be an excellent resource for students who need additional or alternate explanations of mathematics terms. For mathematics teachers, eGlossary could be worth linking to your classroom website or blog. eGlossary could be particularly valuable if you have mathematics students whose first language is not English.

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Forum Network - The Best of NPR and PBS

PBS and NPR have created a new website called the Forum Network. The purpose of the Forum Network is to curate the best video and audio recording of lectures and round table discussions. The Forum Network's collection includes thousands of intelligent videos and audio files. You can search the Forum Network by topic, region, time period, speaker, or series. Commenting on the videos and audio recordings is encouraged. Commenting on Forum Network videos is much like commenting on Viddler videos in that the comments can be placed within the timeline of the video.

Applications for Education
The Forum Network videos and audio recordings could be useful content for supplementing high school and college courses. As an activity in blended learning you may want to select a video related to what your students are studying to watch and comment on when they are away from your classroom.