Monday, October 19, 2009

The Bayeux Tapestry Animated

Once again, Open Culture has posted an interesting YouTube video that could be used in a history or art history class. The video below brings animation to the Bayeux Tapestry as it depicts the Norman Conquest of England.

If you liked the video above, you should also check out Open Culture's YouTube Channel for other intelligent YouTube videos.

Vorbeo - Simple Free Polling Service

Vorbeo is a free service for creating polls for your blog or website. To use Vorbeo just type your question, enter your answer choices, select a background color, and specify the width of your polling widget. Then copy the embed code provided by Vorbeo and paste it into the html editor of your blog or website.

Applications for Education
Simple polls like those possible with Vorbeo can be useful for collecting informal feedback from your students. I like to run polls on my course blog about a week before a test. I use these polls to gauge how my students are feeling about the course content and what we may need to spend more time studying.

The Elements Song With Pictures

The Elements Song has been around for a long time (I actually heard it on vinyl in high school chemistry). There are many videos of the song on YouTube. Some of which have nearly one million views. This version of the song on YouTube has a picture representing each element throughout the song.

Applications for Education
The pictures that accompany the mention of each element in the song could help some students remember the elements. Just be sure to remind students that the song does not contain all of the elements that are now on the periodic table.

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UMapper - Create Flash Maps and Games

UMapper is a custom map creation tool that allows you to create maps from just about any JPG, PNG, or GIF file. Using UMapper is a simple process of uploading an image and selecting a map service (Google, Yahoo, Bing) as the basis for the map. The finished maps can be embedded into your blog or website. I gave it a try earlier this evening and it worked although it was a little bit buggy. (To be fair UMapper is still in beta). A video overview of UMapper is embedded below.

UMapper also offers a platform for creating your own geography game. UMapper GeoDart is a simple game in which players have to locate the places the you specify. The directions for creating your own GeoDart game are contained in the video below.

Applications for Education
UMapper GeoDart could be a good way for your students to create a geography game for learning to locate countries, states, and capitals.

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WordAhead for Teachers - Vocabulary Video Widgets

WordAhead, a vocabulary video and vocabulary practice website that I reviewed in April, has launched a new service for teachers. WordAhead now gives teachers the ability to create custom playlists of vocabulary videos. The playlists can be shared via email, a posted link on a blog, or by posting a vocabulary video widget on a blog or website. The teacher section of WordAhead also offers advice for having students create their own vocabulary videos.

For those not familiar with WordAhead, WordAhead provides nearly 900 animated and narrated videos explaining difficult vocabulary words from the SAT and ACT.

An example of a WordAhead video is embedded below:


Applications for Education
WordAhead's custom playlist widgets provides teachers with a good way to offer students vocabulary review every time they visist their teacher's website.

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