Sunday, October 25, 2009

20 Ways to Use Comics In Your Classroom

Through Josh Allen's Tech Fridge blog I recently learned about this slideshow created S. Hendy who writes Digital Tools for Teachers. The slideshow, Tap Into the World of Comics, presents a series of comic creation tools followed by twenty suggestions for using comics in your classroom.

Applications for Education
Creating comics can be a fun way for students to develop their skills for planning a storyline. Comic creation is also a good way to get reluctant writers started on creating a story. Even though I've previously reviewed quite a few comic creation resources, I still learned about a couple of resources from the slideshow that I hadn't seen before. Likewise, from the slideshow I also got a new idea for using comics in the US History course that I teach for special education students.

A Brief History of US Bank Debates

This week my US History students will be learning about Andrew Jackson and The Bank War. This short video from the CBS Fast Draw team, provides a quick overview of the ideas of Washington, Jefferson, and Jackson regarding the concept of a national bank. As my students have already studied Washington, Jefferson, and Hamilton's ideas regarding banking, this video will be a quick review of those idea and an introduction to Jackson. The video is embedded below.

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Lee Lefever Explains Where Goldfish Come From

Lee Lefever, the creator of the amazing Common Craft videos, recently presented at Ignite Seattle. His talk, embedded below, explains where goldfish come from. If you have goldfish in your classroom, have students that have goldfish, or you're just curious about where goldfish come from in the US, watch the video.