Sunday, November 1, 2009

Daylight Saving Time Explained

Last night most of us in the US turned our clocks back by one hour. Why did we do this? The CBS Fast Draw team explains why in the video below.

Applications for Education
This video provides a succinct explanation of the rationale for Daylight Saving Time. If you don't plan to show the video to your students, it's still worth watching as a refresher for yourself.

Month in Review - October's Most Popular Items

In the month of October Free Technology for Teachers had more visitors and page views than ever before. In fact, compared to last October there was a nearly 500% increase in both visitors and page views. Thank you to everyone that has subscribed to this blog, shared links with your friends and colleagues, and generally contributed to the reach of this blog.

Next month will mark the 2nd anniversary of Free Technology for Teachers. When I started this blog I never thought it would reach the number of teachers that it has reached. Needless to say, I'm still amazed that a teacher from Western Maine can reach thousands of people around the globe. It's all of you that have made this possible. Thank you.

Here are the ten most popular items in the month of October:
1. Weebly for Education - It's Free and Awesome
2. Zero Interesting Ways to Use Audio In the Classroom
3. 20 Ways to Use Comics In Your Classroom
4. Copyright Friendly - Copyright Friendly Resources
5. Build Your Own Educational Games
6. The New Glogster Edu Is Live
7. Google Apps for K-12 Education Webinar Video
8. 35+ Educational Games and Games Resources
9. Google Wave - Initial Impressions
10. Conflict History - Conflict Timeline on Google Maps