Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why Teachers Use Twitter

At the 140 Character Conference in Los Angeles last month, Parentella hosted a discussion panel with four educators that are in my PLN. During the panel discussion these four educators discussed how Twitter is changing education. The video is embedded below. Thanks to Beth Still for sharing the video.

Twitter & Education - #140conf LA from RealPlayer SP on Vimeo.

Wet Mount Helps You Organize Web Research

Wet Mount is a website designed to organize findings from the Internet. The organization process is based on a simple number-line concept. When users find information (text, image, or video) that information is placed in a chart. As more information is found the chart can be reorganized to accommodate more information and place it based on relevance to the original search terms. Watch a screencast here.

Applications for Education
Wet Mount could be a great tool for helping students to organize their findings from Internet research. Often students will find a video or image relevant to their search terms, but don't have an immediate use for that content. Using Wet Mount students could put that information aside for later use without forgetting where it fits into their research. I think of Wet Mount as a digital version of organizing research using notecards with "slugs."

Chemistry Never Sleeps and Free Chemistry Lessons

My colleague and chemistry teacher, Walter Perry, started a blog this summer as a companion to his classroom blog. Over the last four months he's slowly added some useful content to Chemistry Never Sleeps. Chemistry Never Sleeps is a mix of Walter's personal commentary about teaching with links and examples of Chemistry resources for teachers and students. A recent post included a slide presentation about the Periodic Table.

Exploring the links on Chemistry Never Sleeps brought me to Mr. Guch's Free Stuff for Chemistry Teachers. Mr. Guch's free stuff includes four free ebooks containing lesson plans, lectures, and quizzes that Mr. Guch developed for his high school Chemistry classes.

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