Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How to Read Your Gmail Offline

If you've ever wanted to read your email, but couldn't get online, you should watch this video from Tekzilla Daily. In this video you will learn how to ready your Gmail without being online. The video is embedded below.

My GTA Notes so far

These are most of my notes from GTA this morning. The notes aren't in any real structure or context, but they do contain some of the new-to-me things I've learned.

Edublog Awards Voting is Live

The final voting process for the 2009 Edublog Awards is now live. Visit the Edublog Awards site to vote for your favorite blog in each of the nineteen categories. I am honored to have been nominated in three categories this year. There are many good blogs nominated. I encourage you to look through all of the blogs that were nominated and vote for your favorites.

Rutgers Animated Research Tutorial

Through Larry Ferlazzo's blog (by the way, I encourage you to subscribe to his blog), I recently learned about Rutgers' Riot. Rutgers' Riot is an animated research tutorial. It plays like a five part animated movie. Each part of the movie features characters explaining an aspect of the research process. The five parts are selecting a topic, finding sources, choosing keywords, identifying citations, and evaluating sources. There are text documents available to accompany the videos.

Applications for Education
Rutgers' animated research tutorial could be a good resource for introducing or refreshing research techniques in a clear and simple way.

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Green Collar Jobs and A Lesson I Used

Today's episode of CNN Student News concludes with a segment about "green collar jobs." This reminded me of an activity that my Civics students recently completed. The activity was called "Ignite Oxford Hills." (Oxford Hills is the area of Maine in which I teach). The students had to research what the local economy was historically based upon and trace the changes in the local economy to today. Then the students had to create a proposal for reviving the local economy. Many of my students proposed alternative energy projects. If there is interested in seeing the outline of the assignment and the grading scale, I will upload it to my DocStoc collection.

The CNN Student News episode is embedded below.

At GTA Today

I'm at the Google Teacher Academy in Washington, DC today and tomorrow. If I post less than my typical five new items on this blog today, I hope you'll understand. If you'd like to follow my Tweets and others from GTA you can do so by looking for the hashtag #GTADC. I'll also be posting in the Free Technology for Teachers FriendFeed room.