Thursday, February 4, 2010

A&E Biography for Kids - Frederick Douglass

Last week I mentioned that Hulu offers a good assortment of videos and video widgets that appeal to history teachers. In last week's post I highlighted the NBC News Time Capsule. Today, I want to share the A&E Biography Widget. The video that drew me to this widget was the A&E Biography for Kids episode about Frederick Douglass. (Choose the "most popular" option from the widget drop-down menu to see the Frederick Douglass video).

Applications for Education
In my school district the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is taught in both history and literature classes. The A&E Biography of Frederick Douglass could be used as an introductory material or as recap material.

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View WWII Imagery in Google Earth

Since the release of Google Earth 5.0, Google has steadily added more and more historical imagery. Today, Google announced the addition of historical imagery from WWII. The new layer of imagery features aerial imagery of 35 European cities bombed during WWII. Among these cities Warsaw, Lyon, Naples, and Stuttgart. To view this imagery and compare it to modern imagery, locate a city in Google Earth then use the timeline slider to view the historical imagery.

Click the screen capture below to read the directions (in full size) for accessing the historical imagery.

For more information about Google Earth's historical imagery, watch the following video.

Applications for Education
As a history teacher I love using Google Earth for creating and sharing tours of military campaigns. The new WWII historical imagery for Google Earth will be useful for creating WWII tours that have imagery reflective of the time period.

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Exploring Art Through Geography

Geo Coded Art is a collection of landscape, seascape, and cityscape paintings. The collection can be browsed by artist, by painting title, or by location. No matter how you browse, once you've found a painting, click on it to view it on a Google Map or Bing Map. Once you're on the map you can browse for other paintings created in the same region.

Applications for Education
Geo Coded Art could be a great resource for teachers who would like to combine a geography and or history lesson with an art lesson.

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TED Talk - Underwater Astonishments

In this short TED Talk David Gallo shows off some marvelous adaptations fish, squid, octopuses to their underwater environments. The video may be of particular interest to teachers of marine biology or anyone trying to show students examples of animals adapting to their environments.

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