Friday, February 19, 2010

32 Puzzles and Logic Games

Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection is a collection of thirty-two puzzles and logic games. The games and puzzles can be played online or downloaded to run on your Windows or Mac OS X computer. Most of the games and puzzles are simple to play, but difficult to master. Quite a few of the games remind me of the peg-in-board logic games you might find at a store like Brookstone.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for some advertising-free logic games for your students, Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection is a great resource. Your students can play the games online or you can install them on your school's computers for students to play regardless of Internet connectivity.

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A Large Collection of Cell Biology Videos

The Biology Department at Davidson College has put together a large collection of videos and animations of cell biology processes. Most of the videos are in QuickTime format while most of the animations are GIF animations. The collection is divided into five categories; Movies of Cells, Movies of Cellular Calcium, Movies of Molecular Methods, Molecular Movies, and a miscellaneous category.

On YouTube, Garland Science has a couple of lengthy playlists containing videos about cell biology and molecular biology. Below I've embedded one of the videos from those playlists.

Excellent Infographics About the Earthquake in Haiti

GOOD recently announced the winner of their Haiti Earthquake Infographic Contest. The winning infographic was Aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake. Aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake, created by Emily Schwartzman, clearly depicts the impact of the earthquake in terms of impact on the population and the areas of Haiti that were hit the hardest. After looking at all of the entries, I don't know how GOOD's editors were able to pick just one winner. All of the entries did a great job of illustrating the impact of the earthquake, the recovery needs, and the recovery efforts made. I particularly liked Claire Kohler's Earthquakes: Depth and Destruction which made an illustrated comparison of the size and impact of various earthquakes around the world in the last eleven years.

Applications for Education
The Haiti Earthquake Infographics submitted for the GOOD contest provide an easy way for students to see the impact of the earthquake on Haiti. The posters also enable students to compare the charitable giving of organizations and countries.

The GOOD contest posters also provide a model for students to create their own infographics about Haiti and or other significant world events.

Time for Time - Teaching How to Tell Time

If I remember correctly I was in Kindergarten when I learned how to tell time. The concepts of time haven't changed at all since then, but the resources for teaching how to tell time may have changed a little since then. Time for Time is a website providing teachers with lesson plans and worksheets for teaching how to tell time. Time for Time also provides online games and interactive quizzes for students to use to practice their clock reading skills.

Applications for Education
Time for Time is a handy little website for anyone that teaches students how to tell time. The online games are easy for students to access. And if you don't have enough computers for all students to play the games at once, you can take advantage of the offline game suggestions in the teacher section of Time for Time.