Monday, March 1, 2010

Games, Projects, and Lesson Plans About Energy

Energy Kids is a website produced by the US Energy Information Administration for the purpose of educating students about energy and its many forms. Energy Kids provides a wealth of easily accessible information about energy which students can use to play games, solve riddles, and take quizzes about energy. Some of the games students will find include Energy Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and riddles. Energy Kids also provides students of all ages with ideas and outlines for science fair projects around the energy theme. The science fair projects are available as free PDF downloads.

Applications for Education
For teachers, Energy Kids offers dozens of free lesson plans that can be downloaded as PDFs. The lesson plans are arranged by grade level. Teachers will also find a wealth of links to other sites containing resources for teaching lessons about energy.
If your students are looking for science fair project ideas, Energy Kids offers them a good selection of project ideas. Students needing to convert units of energy from one measurement to another, should find the Energy Kids energy calculator to be handy.

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Need to Hire a Teacher? Need a Job in Education?

As spring approaches (in the Northern Hemisphere) the hiring season in schools also approaches. Now through August seems to be the time that schools will be looking to fill job vacancies. If you're a school administrator looking for employees or you're looking for a job in education, take a look at PostLearn.

PostLearn is an education job board that launched late last summer. PostLearn accepts job postings for all positions in education, but tends to particularly attract an audience looking for jobs in the field of educational technology. PostLearn also accepts job postings from around the world. So if you find yourself looking for a change of scenery, PostLearn might have what you're looking for. If you're looking for a new employee for your education organization or you're looking for a job yourself, take a look at PostLearn.

FTC Disclosure: I do have an affiliate relationship with PostLearn.

Ansel Adams's Yosemite

The New York Times has a great article and interactive feature about Ansel Adams's photography of Yosemite National Park. The interactive feature includes nine of Ansel Adams's photographs. When visitors click on a photograph it enlarges and a woman's voice narrates a short story about Adams's photography. In addition to the photographs there is an interactive map that displays the year in which and the place in the park where Adams took each photograph.

Applications for Education
This interactive feature is obviously a nice resource for art teachers. The interactive feature from The New York Times is also a great stimulus for lessons on American History. Teachers can tie in Adams's work and the development of the National Park system envisioned by Theodore Roosevelt.

Teachers looking for more lesson plan ideas about Ansel Adams should visit the PBS web page about Ansel Adams.

Certificate Street - Free Certificate Templates

Certificate Street, formerly My Award Maker, provides an abundance of free templates for creating award certificates. There are six categories of awards templates offered on Certificate Street; Sports, School, Special Occasion, Business, Blank, and Relationships. Certificate Street also offers a gallery of newsletter templates. All the templates are available as free editable PDFs.

Applications for Education
I haven't been in an elementary school classroom since I was in elementary school, but one of the things I remember about my days in elementary school is that my teachers made a lot of award certificates. I don't know if all elementary school teachers make award certificates. For those teachers that do give out award certificates Certificate Street could be a handy resource.

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CNN Student News - Earthquake in Chile

CNN Student News leads-off today's episode with a segment about the earthquake that shook Chile on Saturday morning. If you're in need of a resource to give your students a quick overview of the story, CNN Student News might meet that need. CNN Student News also has a downloadable map and a discussion guide to accompany your use of the video.

You may also be interested in checking out the Recording-Setting Earthquakes Interactive Map.

Larry Ferlazzo has also compiled a good list of resources for learning about the earthquake in Chile.