Thursday, May 13, 2010

Inside the FBI - Interactive Display

Inside the FBI is an interactive feature created and hosted by CBS News. Inside the FBI features diagrams of the FBI's organization, stories of the FBI's successes and failures, and a timeline of the FBI's history. Through the interactive display students can learn about what the various divisions of the FBI do.

If you have trouble accessing the interactive through the link I've posted you can also access it here

Applications for Education
Inside the FBI could be a good pre-teaching resource for teachers using the CSI Crime Scene investigation game. Inside the FBI is also a good resource for students studying the legal system and crime fighting in the United States.

AutoMotivator - Create a Motivational Poster

AutoMotivator provides an easy way to create your own motivational signs or posters for your classroom or office. The process of using AutoMotivator is simple, upload an image from your computer or another website, select the color and style for your font, then type your motivational message. Below is a poster I made using AutoMotivator.

Applications for Education
AutoMotivator could be used to create motivational or inspirational posters for your classroom. Use pictures of your school, local sites, to create a more relevant poster than you can buy. In my school district many of the elementary school students look up to the high school athletes. If the same thing is true in your school district, use pictures (with permission of course) of high school athletes in motivational posters for elementary school classrooms. You could also download the files you create on AutoMotivator and place your motivational poster on your classroom website or blog.

Create a Quiz from a Catalog of Questions

Quizinator is a free service designed to make the process of creating quizzes, exams, and other printable activities a more efficient process for teachers. Quizinator acts as a storage bank for multiple choice, true/false, and free response questions. Quizinator enables you to create a bank of your own questions or pick from their questions to create quizzes. If you create your own questions, you can include images in the question. To create a new quiz simply select the questions you want to appear on your quiz and Quizinator will add them to it. When you've selected all the questions you want, Quizinator will format the quiz for printing.

Where Quizinator shines is in its capacity for creating multiple versions of the same quiz. By selecting questions in a different order Quizinator allows you to rearrange the sequence in which questions appear on your quiz. That beats the heck out of retyping or even copying and pasting questions. Quizinator also provides a drag and drop function for editing the layout and elements appearing on your quiz.

Applications for Education
Quizinator could be a good resource for teachers who have to give the same quiz or test to multiple sections of the same course. Once you have your questions in your Quizinator account you can create many versions of the same quiz just by selecting questions in a different order each time you create a quiz.

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Watch This Now - Math Class Needs a Makeover

Dan Meyer is a math teacher and blogger that I've been following for a couple of years. In March Mr. Meyer gave a talk at TEDxNYED in which he explained why math instruction needs a makeover. Today, that talk was featured on the TED blog. Even if you're not a mathematics teacher, you should take twelve minutes to watch this video today and share it with every teacher you know. The ideas that Dan Meyer presents in his talk apply to more than just mathematics instruction. He talks about the need for giving students problems that make them really stop and think. Mr. Meyer also stresses the need for teachers to be patient problem solvers. Watch the talk now and find out why most mathematics books are the equivalent of watching Two and a Half Men.

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Infographic World - 12 Interesting Infographics

Infographics can be good mediums for delivering statistical information in visually engaging formats. Infographic World is a commercial producer of infographics. In their gallery of sample work Infographic World has one dozen infographics addressing topics related to environment and economics. A couple of the infographics that might be of particular interest to teachers are Haiti Disaster Relief and The State of Renewable Energy in the United States.

Applications for Education
Statistics in and of themselves can be kind of boring to students. A good infographic can make statistics appear more interesting. You could use the samples from Infographic World as conversation starters in class. You could also use the samples as models for your students when you have them create infographics of their own.

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