Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Understanding Genetics - Online Exhibits

The Tech Museum of Innovation, located in San Jose, California has an interesting online display about genetics. The online display covers the science of genetics and the politics of genetic engineering. The online display includes a series of videos from the Future of Science Conference. In the video leading scientists and philosophers discuss topics related to genetics.

Applications for Education
The science of genetics displays are informative and appropriate for use with students in middle school and high school.
The videos and articles discussing the ethics and politics of genetic engineering and gene therapy are appropriate for use with high school students.

Quiz Tree - Games for all Subjects and Grades

Quiz-Tree provides a wide variety of free educational games and activities for students and teachers. Most of the Quiz-Tree games and activities are web-based. Some of the games and activities are available as downloads for Windows operating systems.

One of the activities on Quiz- Tree that really caught my eye is the interactive image of John Trumbull's Declaration of Independence. Clicking on a person in the image provides you with a short biography of that person.

Applications for Education
It is easy to find a game or activity on Quiz Tree by browsing based on grade level or browsing by subject area (see image above). There are over 1000 games and activities available for free covering all grades and content areas.

Fit Brains - Brain Fitness and Brain Training

Fit Brains is a collection of free games designed to strengthen five areas of cognitive brain function. While the website seems to be targeted toward an older audience there are some games on Fit Brains appropriate for students at all grade levels above the third grade. Reading through the background information about Fit Brains you do get the impression that the games are grounded in sound research and practices. Fit Brains offers some "premium" services in addition to their free game offerings.

Applications for Education
Fit Brains could be a good site to direct parents to if they're looking for some games for their children to play during summer vacation.
The Fit Brains blog has a number of interesting articles about brain science that teachers and parents will find interesting.