Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All National Anthems

All National Anthems is a map, built on Yahoo Maps, that makes it easy to find the national anthem of almost every country in the world. Along with each country's national anthem, users will find some basic almanac-style information. Each national anthem is played via a Youtube video.

Applications for Education
The fact that the anthems found on All National Anthems are played via Youtube limits the utility of the website for schools where Youtube is blocked. If you're in a school where Youtube is blocked then I recommend visiting the BBC News website where you can find country profiles that include a short audio recording of each country's national anthem.

All National Anthems is a good example of how maps can display information. If you're looking to try a similar project with your students try having them create a map of state or province anthems.

TED Talk - Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs

Cameron Herald certainly puts forward some interesting ideas in this TED Talk from TEDxEdmonton.

Design a Wind Turbine

National Geographic has a neat little interactive activity designed to help people understand how wind turbines generate power. Harness the Power of Wind walks viewers through the basics of wind turbine design. After reviewing the design principles you can design and "test" your wind turbine's efficiency. You can adjust the height of your wind turbine, the wind speed, the altitude, and the blade radius.

Applications for Education
Harness the Power of Wind could be used for teaching a lesson on wind power that incorporates basic physics and mathematics concepts.