Thursday, June 24, 2010

VidMe - Truly Private Sharing of Videos

VidMe is a new service for privately sharing videos. Unlike YouTube's private sharing option, the videos you post on VidMe cannot be forwarded without your consent. VidMe allows you to post your first few videos for free, but after that you do have to pay to use the service. Learn more about VidMe here or on Read Write Web.

Since this post was originally published VidMe has shut down.

Applications for Education
VidMe could be a great option for sharing videos of elementary school music recitals with parents and grandparents.

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How Do Americans Save Money? Infographic

Visual Economics designs infographics to educate people about various topics in economics. Their latest infographic is How Do Americans Save Money? The infographic explains the differences between saving and savings and what disposable income is. The infographic also defines consumer confidence the sentiment index.

View the whole infographic here.

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Roller Coaster Simulator - Design Your Coaster

Funderstanding, a learning systems design firm, offers a free roller coaster design activity. The object of the Roller Coaster Simulator activity is to get the coaster through the track without any roll-backs. To that end the Roller Coaster Simulator allows users to design the height and spacing of the rise and fall of a roller coaster track. Users can also adjust the speed of coaster, the mass of the coaster, the friction of the coaster on the track, and the strength of the gravitational pull on the coaster.

Applications for Education
Funderstanding's Roller Coaster Simulator could be a good way for mathematics and physics students to experiment with all of the elements that go into designing a working roller coaster.

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