Monday, June 28, 2010

3 New Ways to Find Free Technology for Teachers

One of the things that has always confused some folks when I or others give them the url for this blog is the fact that I used the number 4 in the url. Often people hear the name Free Technology for Teachers and type that into their browser bars as the url for the site. If you did that in the past you would get a parked domain page. But, as of very early this morning you can now reach Free Technology for Teachers by entering, freetechforteachers (dot) com, freetechnologyforteachers (dot) com, and free-tech-4-teachers (dot) com into your browser.

Interview with Rushton Hurley from Next Vista

This morning I sat down with Rushton Hurley to talk about his non-profit video service, Next Vista. I've written about Next Vista in the past (you can read about it here), but in a nutshell Next Vista offers a human reviewed catalog of user-generated videos. Watch the video below to hear directly from Rushton about Next Vista. Make sure you watch to the end to hear about how a video project got a disengaged middle school student engaged in the classroom.