Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week in Review - The Most Popular Posts

In June I slacked-off a bit on the week-in-review posts. The analytics for Free Technology for Teachers indicate that they're not terribly popular posts, but as it turns out sometimes the numbers lie. So after getting many emails from people who were missing the posts, I am returning to posting a week-in-review every Saturday.

Here are the seven most popular posts of the last week:
1. Seven Videos All Educators Should Watch
2. A Fun Video For Introducing Google Docs
3. Google for Teachers II - Free 33 Page Guide
4. Sweet Search - A Search Engine for Students
5. Make and Print a Simple Flip Book
6. Math Challenge Posters
7. Mind Cipher - Brain Teasers & Logic Puzzles

While I'm reviewing the week, I want to say thank you to everyone that helped get the word out about Google for Teachers II. Since Monday night it has been viewed almost 12,000 times. This week we also passed the 5,000 mark in Facebook Fans. Thank you all for helping Free Technology for Teachers reach more educators.

Finally, if you find yourself in the position of looking for a new job or looking for a new employee, check out the Free Technology for Teachers/ Post Learn job board.

A Taste of Med School - Stanford Mini Med School

The Stanford School of Medicine has made available three semesters worth of lectures on human biology, health and disease, medical research, and health care. The lectures are available through iTunes, YouTube, and on the Stanford Mini Med School website. Click here for winter term, here for spring term, and here for fall term.

Here's a sample from the Stanford Mini Med School.

Thanks to Open Culture for sharing the word about Stanford Mini Med.

Applications for Education
The Stanford Mini Med School, like other open courses on the web, provide high school students and others with an opportunity to preview the type of content that they'll need to know as they pursue higher education programs. Open courses also give students with an interest in a subject the opportunity to learn about that subject even if his or her school doesn't offer a course that addresses his or her interest.

TED Talk - Life Science in Prison

In this short TED Talk Nalini Nadkarni challenges viewers to change the way they think about seemingly static objects like trees and prisons. What I took away from the talk was a reminder of how important physical and visual settings are on a person's psyche.

Applications for Education
I have a colleague who keeps live plants in his classroom. After watching this talk and reflecting on my colleague's classroom, I think I'm going to try that this year too.

Here are some related items that may be of interest to you:
Sir Ken Robinson - Bring on the Learning Revolution
TED Talk - Creativity and Play
Math Class Needs a Makeover

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It's not a fancy iPhone or iPad app (I'm working on that), but I have managed to get Free Technology for Teacherson the Kindle. Now you can have all of the latest posts from Free Technology for Teachers delivered to your Kindle. Delivery to your Kindle is not free, that's not an option through Amazon, but it is very affordable at $1.99/ month. You can try it free for 14 days.

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