Saturday, August 14, 2010

How-to Video - Today's Meet

I've written about using Today's Meet for classroom backchannels a number of times. I've also included directions for using it in my new guide How To Do 11 Techy Things In the New School Year. Now Mark Barnes at Learn It In 5 has created an excellent how-to video showing you how to use Today's Meet.

This video is another example of the good work Mark is doing in developing videos for teachers. Check his other videos at Learn It In 5.

Week in Review - Most Popular Posts

By the time you read this I'll hopefully be catching some fish. Before I took off to go fishing, as I do every week, I compiled a list of the most popular items of the week. School isn't too far for most of us now to help you get ready and to help you help others get ready, this week I published a new free ebook titled How To Do 11 Techy Things In the New School Year. Feel free to print it, embed it in your own site, and freely share it with anyone you think can use it.

These are the seven most popular items of the week:
1. 11 Techy Things for Teachers to Try This Year
2. Anthologize - Turn Your Blog Into an Ebook
3. Historical Facebook - Facebook for Dead People
4. Kids Tube - Monitored Video Sharing for Kids
5. Wetoku - Conduct, Record & Share Video Conferences
6. Formats for Visual Thinking in the Classroom
7. Idiom Dictionary - 5,000+ Idioms Explained

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