Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DropEvent - Collaborative Photo Albums via Email

Drop Event is a free service for creating public and private group photo albums. To create a group photo album you do need to register for the service, but contributors to your photo album don't need to register. When you create your photo album it is assigned an email address that contributors can send photos to through email. To invite people to contribute to your album, just give them the email address assigned to your album.

Thanks to Kristen Swanson for the info about Drop Event.

Applications for Education
If you've ever wanted to have your students contribute to a group album, but were deterred by the requirements for students to create accounts, Drop Event could be the solution you're looking for. Using Drop Event photography students could email contributions of their works to an album. Recently take students on a field trip? Have them and their parents email contributions to a group album.

MIT OpenCourseWare on Your iPad & iPhone

As I've written in the past MIT's OpenCourseWare is a great place to find lectures, transcripts, notes, outlines, and videos from MIT courses. While you can't get MIT credit or access the professors, through OpenCourseWare you can access the materials from two thousand courses. And as I've just learned through Open Culture, MIT OpenCourseWare can be accessed and downloaded on iPads, iPhones, and on the iPod Touch.

Applications for Education
MIT OpenCourseWare is a great resource for anyone that wants to learn something new on his or her own.  As teachers we sometimes need a refresher on a particular topic or concept, OpenCourseWare courses could provide us with that refresher that we need. And if you have students that are looking to go beyond the content that you offer, don't be afraid to refer them to MIT OpenCourseWare.

Aviary Offers 30 Days of Roc - New Sounds to Mix

Early last summer Aviary introduced a free tool called Roc for creating and remixing your own music loops. Everyday this month Aviary is adding new sounds to the Roc sound gallery. These sounds can be used to create new music using the online Roc music creator. So far four new sound packs have been added to the gallery. These new sounds include "human beat box," "body sounds," "kitchen sounds," and "around the house."

Roc, which is similar to Aviary's Myna audio editor, is a cloud-based tool for mixing sounds. Completed Roc projects can be downloaded for use in podcasts, videos, and other multimedia projects. Roc can also be integrated into your Google Apps account through the Google Apps Marketplace. Watch an overview of how Roc works in the video below.

Roc 101: Introduction from Mizagorn on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
When having students create multimedia projects, the best way to avoid any concerns associated with Copyrighted music is to have students use their own creations. Roc is a good free tool that students can use to create their own music for their multimedia presentations. And because Roc operates entirely online students can work on their music creations from their home computers, school computers, or public library computers.

C-Span Summer Educator's Conference

Every year C-Span invites middle school and high school Social Studies teachers to apply to attend their Summer Educator's Conference. Chosen applicants receive an all expenses paid trip to Washington, DC to learn about C-Span's classroom resources and to work with each other to develop projects using C-Span's classroom resources. The application deadline for this year's conference is March 1.

C-Span also offers a summer fellowship program for middle school and high school teachers. The four week fellowship program pays recipients a stipend of $6,500. The program seeks out teachers who can demonstrate successful experiences using C-Span classroom materials in their classrooms. The application deadline is February 11.