Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wordfaire - A Fast and Easy Way to Live Blog

Wordfaire is a new service for quickly creating and updating a live blog. To use Wordfaire just sign-in with your Twitter, Facebook, or Google account. Once you've signed-in just choose a url and name for your blog  then you can start blogging. Wordfaire updates as soon as you stop typing and hit "update." People viewing your blog will see your updates as soon as you press "update." Wordfaire supports the inclusion of images in your posts, but does not include video support yet (Wordfaire is still in beta).

Applications for Education
Students could use Wordfaire during events like the State of the Union Address, press conferences, and similar events to record their initial reactions. Wordfaire is designed for bloggers who need to rapidly update their blogs during live events, but it doesn't have to be used that way. Wordfaire could also be used as a simple blogging platform for students. Looking for some student blogging prompts? Check out the list of class blog ideas available here.

The Camp That Toppled a President

The Camp That Toppled a President is an interactive image from the BBC of Cairo's Tahrir Square. The image contains clickable points that show and describe the various parts of the protestors' camp in the square. See the KFC that was turned into a makeshift clinic, where bloggers blogged, and more. For even more images of the protests in Tahrir Square turn on the images layer in Google Earth or explore it in Google Maps.
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