Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sugar Sync - File Sync and Backup for All Your Devices

Last month I sent out a friendly reminder to back-up your important files. I sent out that reminder after watching one of my colleagues panic when he lost a flashdrive full of important documents. In that reminder post I suggested backing-up your files to a service like DropBox or simply to a Google Docs account. Recently, I've been trying Sugar Sync for backing-up files and now add it to the list of good services for backing-up files.

Sugar Sync offers a free plan that allows you to store up to 5GB worth of files. You can sync multiple computers and mobile devices to your Sugar Sync account. Sugar Sync can be used on your computer and or Android phone, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile phone. With Sugar Sync you can access your files anytime you can get online. You can also send and share files from any device you use to get online.

Learn more about Sugar Sync in the video below.

SugarSync from 1/29 Creative on Vimeo.

Stellarium - A Planetarium on Your Desktop

Last week Tekzilla Daily had a segment about Stellarium. I was certain that I had written about Stellarium in the past, but when I checked the archives I couldn't find the post. Stellarium is an open source program for Mac, Windows, and Linux that puts a virtual planetarium on your computer. Stellarium allows you to explore space as if you were looking up at the night sky through a telescope. Watch the video below to learn more and to see Stellarium in action.

Infographic - The Student Loan Scheme

Yesterday, on Man vs. Debt I saw the following infographic about student loans. Produced by the infographic features a flowchart that explains how student loans can burden people for years. As someone who, after ten years, relatively recently paid off his relatively modest student loans, I can tell you that I am happy my student loans were not any bigger. This infographic presents some good information for students and parents to consider before signing-on for tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

Student Loans Scheme.

Infographic by College

Finally! Pagination in Google Docs!

It is no secret that I love Google Docs. For the last few years 98% of all of my documents have been created using Google Docs (I sometimes have to export them as PDF or Word files, but even then they originate in Google Docs). That said, there was one quirk of Google Docs that annoyed me to no end, there was not a pagination option. This meant that when I went to print a document sometimes the pages would cut off at a bad place. Yesterday, Google finally introduced pagination for Google Docs. Now you can see where your page breaks are without having to use the print preview.

The new pagination should be available for all Google Docs users. With pagination enabled Google Docs will now show headers and footers on every page. If you don't want to use the pagination option you can disable it by selecting "compact" from the "view" menu.