Monday, November 12, 2012

SendHub - A Fast and Simple Communication Tool

This is a post from one of the advertisers on Free Technology for Teachers.

Kids these days don’t read email. So how do you get them to remember important assignments, tests or messages for their parents? You send them a text.

SendHub is a fast and simple communications tool designed to help educators communicate more effectively with their students after the school day ends. Their simple user interface enables teachers and administrators to make calls, send messages to individual students or entire classes, and also stay in touch with parents.

Here are a few reasons why SendHub might be right for your class:

• Easily build your class database with text to join, or simply import existing contact lists.
• Send messages from your phone or the Web-- communicate the way you want to.
• Schedule assignment or test reminders to be sent to students for any time in the future.
• Share groups with other teachers or administrators without hassle-- then everyone with your group will get changes you make immediately.

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